Frequently Asked Questions


The Apple Watch app is crashing
I got a new iPhone & now Gyroscope doesn’t open

General Questions

"What is your privacy policy?"
"How can I track blood sugar levels?"
“How can I sync my blood levels or medical records?”
"Does the app have a trial period?
"Is there a student discount?"

Data & tracking


Can Gyroscope be used on Android?
"What is the best way to track Sleep?"
“Which devices and apps do you recommend and what does each track?”
"How can I edit my sleep on Gyroscope"
What is the best scale?
What is the best wearable for Gyroscope?
“What happened to Instagram integration?”

Apple Watch

“The Apple Watch is crashing“
“How best to track sleep with Apple Watch?”

Other platforms

Chrome/Brave extension


"My activities/workouts are being synced multiple times, how can I fix that?"

Other data questions

“Is there a way I can delete all my data and start fresh”

Account Management

“I signed up with old Facebook login”
“How can I change my email?”
“How do I cancel my account?”
"How can I switch from Pro to Score or Coach?"
"How can I get an account for my company?"
"Can I get an invoice of my subscription?"
Can I pause my membership?


Samsung Health Syncing