Can Gyroscope be used on Android?

For the best experience we recommend using the iPhone version, though Gyroscope can also be used on Android.

Many of the core features are supported on both platforms:

  • mood tracking
  • food tracking
  • coaching
  • in-app meditations
  • the health academy
  • manual entry of data points
  • Withings weight sync
  • Fitbit steps sync
  • Garmin steps sync

Some popular features are only available on iOS:

  • Automatic places tracking
  • Apple Health integration (used for things like steps, sleep, HRV, VO2, and automatically syncing with hundreds of devices and other apps)

In short, the app is exactly the same (literally uses the same codebase) — but the ecosystem on iOS is much more stable and well-supported, which means that on Android there will be much less data to look at.

On Android, more manual entry and discipline will be required, while on iOS things can be more automatically synced and detected in the background through phone services.

For more details about each device and possible sources, check out the full Hardware Guide.