Food History

Nutrition is important for everyone, regardless of budget.

In Gyroscope, we try to make all the essential food features available to everyone!

Therefore, even for free, photos of food and fasting can be stored in the app.

Upgrading to Score or XRAY unlocks more advanced tracking and analytics.



  • Set your daily targets in Goals section
  • Track Ketones and Glucose levels in the app
  • See Fasting & Eating window graphs in Trends view
  • See food timing & frequency reports in analytics
  • Dexcom G6 integration to see glucose graphs in meals


  • Nutrition insights & guides in Academy
  • Analyze your own food photos in app
    • Choose between Fasting Timer, Food Database or Health Copy
    • Tracking this provides calories & macro data
    • No other apps or devices needed, but you could use them if you wanted
  • See your calories, carbs and protein totals in Trends


  • Automatic analysis of your meals
  • Total macro and micronutrients for day
  • Nutrient trends for fiber, alcohol, caffeine & more
  • Grades for each meal from metabolic coach
  • Warnings to avoid unhealthy glucose spikes
  • Detailed insights of your food history
  • Nutrition expansion of Health Score (coming soon)