Apple Watch


The Apple Watch will let you track sleep, meditation, workouts and even mood. You can use other apps to measure this (and sync to the app automatically), or do it directly in the Gyroscope watch app. The Gyroscope complication can also be installed for easy access to the app, and to keep an eye on your latest Health Score.

With the meditation tracker, you can start an open session and then end it when you are done to track any type of open-ended meditation, breathwork or similar session.

The mood tracking provides a short and quick version of the full mood tracking on the phone, that can be done quickly on your wrist.


  • Charge your watch during the day (perhaps when you shower or before bed) and make sure to wear it at night to measure your sleep and resting heart rate
  • Turn on Do not Disturb & Theater Mode so you are never disturbed by watch notifications (especially during sleep or meditation), and to preserve the battery life
  • Theater mode will prevent the watch display from turning on every time you move your hand, which helps save battery and also avoids waking you at night with a bright light

The watch loads data through Gyroscope on your phone, so they both need to be together (ideally on the same wifi) in order to load and save data. However, the watch can be used independently for a while and then re-sync later (if you want to go for a run or something).

If the watch app crashes

Sometimes when switching app versions (especially on TestFlight), the watch app can start crashing when reopened later. This is due to an iOS bug, but can be easily fixed by reinstalling the watch app to make sure the new version is installed cleanly.

The Gyroscope phone app does not need to be changed or reinstalled, just the watch app needs to be turned off and on again to function as expected.



Open the “Watch” iPhone app on your phone


Scroll down to the “Installed on Apple Watch“


Turn on and off the “Show App on Apple Watch”