Don’t try this at home

Some examples of meals to avoid in your daily routine

The Gyroscope team tests some common foods and snacks with food XRAY and detailed glucose monitoring so you can learn from our mistakes!

Drinking Soda


This is one of the worse possible meals. There are many problems that add up:

  • High amount of sugar (33 grams)
  • Liquid sugar metabolized quickly
  • Provides no useful micronutrients
  • Provides no useful protein

Sugary sodas are quite well known as an unhealthy food.

Many other types of meals can contain an equivalent amount of sugar but are often overlooked because they are not sweet.

For example, here is some grocery store sushi eaten on an empty stomach.

While the fish and other ingredients provide useful nutrients, the ratio here needs to be examined. In this case carbohydrates are the majority of the meal rather than a balanced amount. This can be easily visualized from the bar at the bottom.


The amount of carbs from rice (and sugar, which is added to sushi rice) in this case actually added up to more sugar than in an entire coke. Within about an hour, they are digested and can end up as sugar in the bloodstream.


In this case, this meal caused a blood sugar spike about an hour after eating.

Blood sugar levels continue to be elevated above recommended amounts over 2 hours later.

Walking afterwards may have helped to counteract this, as well as having a smaller portion size.