Welcome to Gyroscope Score!

Welcome to Gyroscope Score!

You can now combine insights with all of your health data, allowing you to take action and full control of your health as you work toward whatever personal or professional goals you may have.

This guide is to act as a run through off the advanced features you now have access to, via both the app and the web version. Something we have always strived for as we continue to develop the system, is to combine cutting edge data and insights with the most intuitive UI possible.

On one hand, what good is data without insights? We’re surrounded by data, whether its through our health apps or chewing over trends and statistics. But without insights into what the data means and how to act on it, its just numbers.

Furthermore, how can all of this come together to form something so simple yet so effective in it’s application and execution? Is it possible to have one metric to rule them all?

We say yes, and that is exactly what we’ve created with the Health Score.

The Health Score

Years of trial, observation and intense algorithm development have come together to generate your Health Score. Get started on your Health tab and scroll down to your signal strength (pictured) to see what needs to be added. The more data you can collect, the more accurate your score, so its worth taking the time to boost your signal strength at the beginning.


If you’re in the 90s, all of your metrics are looking good and you’re running almost optimally. If you’re consistently in the 90s, you’re in a great position to start exploring more higher level aspects of health and wellness. Health Labs, as we will discuss below, would be an excellent place to start!

Living in the 80s? This is a good place to be for most people, most of the time. Both achievable and sustainable, providing some room to relax while still prioritizing your health. There is room to optimize here, but this also signals that there is less to specifically worry about, which gives you a lot of freedom as to which direction you want to go in.

Under 80? Not to worry, but perhaps investigate what is bringing things down.

Not been sleeping enough lately?

Too much unproductive time on the web?

Fallen off the workout wagon?

It could even be a precursor to illness…

Whatever it is, it’s fixable, and the Health Score provides immediate feedback for you to act upon.

The Health Academy

The Health Academy is the backbone of your educational experience with Gyroscope, and we suggest this is one of the first places you visit upon signing up and opening the app. It’s easily accessible via the Academy tab along the bottom of the app, or you can navigate to it on the web version too. Much of your time will be spent keeping an eye on things like your health score, daily reports and food, but the Health Academy directs the journey.

Covering nutrition, exercise and the mind, you’ll work your way through various chapters, from the basics to more advanced topics, carrying out different tasks as you do so. Each chapters contains insights, instructions and guides to help you personalize and apply the knowledge to your own situation.

However, before you move onto the main subjects, you need to work through the goals and the baseline chapters. We emphasize the importance of working through these first, as they cover a vital, yet often over looked part of the whole process: mindset.

Our in depth guides will help you understand your why for embarking on this journey, and how to avoid common pitfalls like the all or nothing mentality. Once you have your mindset dialled in, the baseline chapter will help you build habits around Gyroscope’s most fundamental features.


The Health Academy covers many subjects, from the basics and all the way up, but we strongly suggest that wherever you are at, and no matter how easy you may think something seems, follow the guidance and implement the advice, as having a strong foundation will always contribute to grander and longer lasting success.

Health Labs

Beyond the Academy, one of our other key, interactive features is Health Labs, which combines science experiments with habit tracking for a truly powerful experience that can impact every aspect of your health. You can access the Labs via the website, or via the Coach tab in the app.


Stage one, is the experiments. Within each category is a library of experiments you can perform upon yourself, all fully backed by the latest scientific research, and complete with reviews from other users so you can learn about other people’s experiences before you decide if it’s for you.

Stage two, is about building the habit. Once you’ve successfully completed an experiment twice, and you decide you would like to implement it into your routine long term, you can turn it into a permanent habit.


You have room for 3 permanent habits, and we put the limits around this feature for good reasons. For one, before turning something into a habit, the act of completing the experiment twice will go a long way to cementing the habit while allowing you time to see if it is something that will truly benefit your life. Secondly, limiting the total number to 3 prevents overwhelm, impulsive behaviour and allows adequate attention to be given to each habit in turn.


Another area where you will be spending a lot of time is viewing your Daily and Weekly Reports, designed to offer the most detailed overview of your entire days and weeks, in the most intuitive and comprehensive way possible. You can access and view your daily activities from the Reports tab in the app, and we’ve recently overhauled the web version too.


Once inside the Reports feature, you can seamless scroll between days and data, through your Timeline (Places), Food, Graphs, Journal and Habits. If you want to dive deeper into any aspect of your report, simply press on the relevant part of the display.

Timeline shows places you’ve been, providing the opportunity to fill in any new or unidentified places, and you’ll see a map of your movements too, with the option to open in full screen should you desire.

The Food reports offer information on fasting time, food eaten at various point of the day, and the overall Metabolic Coach AI analysis covering energy balance, food processing, muscle protein, nutrient density, hunger and satiety, glucose stability and of course calories, macronutrients and micronutrients too.

The Graphs tab provides graphical information on every activity from the chosen day, and if you’d like to dive deeper into any specific area simply press on the relevant graph.

Finally, your Journal notes are organised and stored for every separate day, and any Habits you have carried from the Health Labs can be accessed and viewed from here too.

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