The Laboratory

Health Labs combines science experiments with habit tracking for a truly powerful experience that can impact every aspect of your health. We suggest making this one of the first places you visit in Gyroscope, once you’ve synced everything up and read the mindset guides…

You can access the Labs via the web dashboard, shortcut buttons (Reports tab) or via the Coach tab in the app.


Stage one, is the experiments. Within each category is a library of experiments you can perform upon yourself, all fully backed up by the latest scientific research, and complete with reviews from other users so you can learn about other people’s experiences before you decide if it’s for you.

  1. Decide what area of health you work on
  2. Choose which experiment sounds suitable or interesting for you
  3. Read the content, which will cover background info, science, instructions and more
  4. Are you ready to try? Press the button and begin!

Ever day you will check in, and you can write notes as you go too, either within Labs, or perhaps using your Gyroscope journal.

Once you’ve finished, tell us about it! Be sure to leave a review and rating so others can learn form your experience.


Stage two, is about building the habit. Once you’ve successfully completed an experiment twice, and you decide you would like to implement it into your routine long term, you can turn it into a permanent habit.

You have room for 3 permanent habits, and we put the limits around this feature for good reasons. For one, before turning something into a habit, the act of completing the experiment twice will go a long way to cementing the habit while allowing you time to see if it is something that will truly benefit your life. Secondly, limiting the total number to 3 prevents overwhelm, impulsive behaviour and allows adequate attention to be given to each habit in turn.


We’re always on the lookout for new experiments, and welcome any ideas that you may have! Just pop into chat and let us know, or send us an email to support@gyrosco.pe.