Our health programs provide a backbone of guided education and structure for you to continuously focus on using the app for whatever you want to be working on, or achieving, at any given time.

Whether thats a mind-related program like sleep or productivity or a food-related program like fat loss or fiber, the general methodology and structure remains the same.

Fitness programs are different, as they are actual “workouts”, therefore follow a different structure and are detailed in a different guide

You begin by choosing your program, then running through a quick but thorough consultation with your AI coach. After that, the personalized plan is built and you receive a series of lessons and quests that are supported by check-ins and constant monitoring of your data.

Let’s look at the steps now in more detail, and how to get the most out of each program:


First, what do you want to achieve? What do you want to learn about?

Both the Mind and Food tabs contain a variety of options, and the library will continue to grow.

You can find them under the Programs sub-tab.


Take some time to think about what you want, then simply select the chosen program, read the quick preview and press the Get Started button


Read the Guide

Once you’ve begun, you’ll have the outline of what’s to come explained to you by your AI coach, then be prompted to read the guide, displayed under the Dashboard sub-tab as your Next Action.

Next Action is where you will always see the next thing you’re meant to be doing, so if you are ever confused or unsure, check here


Once you’ve read the guide, your Next Action will be to start your consultation. This is your chance to explain everything about yourself and what you want to achieve to your AI coach.

Some questions will have buttons you can press for your answer, but they also all have an Enter Text Answer option, which we recommend using, and providing as many details as possible, to get the most personalized and in-depth experience possible.


Once you’ve answered all the questions, sit back and await you new plan!

You can choose to do this there and then (recommended) or come back to it when you have the required 5 minutes.


Now, onto the fun stuff!

Every week, you will receive a new lesson to work on. This usually begins with the basics, such as tracking your sleep and food or setting up a new activity baseline.

This will stay clearly displayed under Program in the relative tab.


To read it in detail, press on it and the full lesson will be revealed.


Lessons tend to be higher level concepts that teach skills and educate at the same time. Putting them into practice is the important thing, and each lesson will provide instructions on a daily task you should undertake for that week.

However, for even more daily tasks that provide a bit more variety and spontaneous action, we have quests…


Quests provide small action steps that allow you to:

  • Put into practice some of the concepts explored in the lessons
  • Learn and implement small habits that can amount to big change

Each time you head into any coaching tab, you’ll be presented with three quests to choose from at the top.


These vary in time-demand and difficulty, so you can select one that works for you. Simply select your desired quest by pressing on it, and the header will change to show that the quest is in progress.

When you’ve completed it, press the arrow button at the top right of the screen and select Finished.


Well done! You’ll receive your deserved congratulations, then you’re free to embark on any others that spark your interest.


Periodically, you will be prompted to check-in with your AI coach, or you can even proactively ask for a check-in from your chat sub-tab.


This is your chance to let your AI coach know how you’re feeling, how you feel progress has been going - well or not so - and if you have any issues or concerns you would like to raise.

All of this will assist in making sure the regular bits of guidance and advice you receive are as personalized and relevant as possible.

It will also help the AI plan for future lessons and quests.

Monitoring Progress

You’ll have started a program with the aim to achieve something or reach a certain goal.

For each program, under the Dashboard we will display the main daily tasks you should be focusing on to make progress. When you do then, the circle will go green to indicate the task has been completed for that day. Make it your mission to get a clear streak of green circles every week!


The lessons, quests and check-ins will also help you get to where you want to be, but its likely you will also want to see some changes in your data too.

Of course, some of the best signs of progress can come from abstract or unquantifiable results; feeling better, getting a compliment from a friend or family member, or perhaps fitting into a pair of jeans or suit you used to love but couldn’t wear for a few years. Be aware an open to these motivating events when they happen!

In each main tab, you have two sub-tabs. One contains the program content, and the other is focused on your data.


Watch your data and grades improve as you implement new habits and ways of life consistently.

See how your grade for that section improves too.

If it’s not, have you been doing your daily tasks and quests? If you have, you could ask your coach for some advice but popping into your chat history, or request a check-in.

Or, check your health score and report cards to see what areas of your overall health may be holding you back.


We hope you enjoy improving your health and longevity with our programs, AI coaches and other app features, but if you ever have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the human support chat, or contact us at support@gyrosco.pe.