Daily Report

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The Daily Report can be found in your Latest tab and provides a top down overview of all your health data in one place.


You can choose to view it all at once in the main report, or flick between specific sections for a more detailed inspection.

Many of our members say that checking the report at least once a day is the most helpful things they can do to glean insights and action steps from Gyroscope.

Let’s go through all the different ways to navigate it below…

Navigating the Report

The page you will likely spend the most time in, is the one that shows all your data for that specific day.

This could be as your data fills up in realtime, or at the end of the day when you want to review it all before the next day, for example.

However, your may also spend time in yesterday’s report. Therefore, we have made it super quick and easy to access your reports for today and yesterday, by adding shortcut buttons at the bottom of the Latest tab:


(You can view earlier reports too, but more on that in the final section)


The main report page includes all of your main metrics in one place. This can be accessed either by pressing the date button in the middle of the circles on your Latest tab:


Or, you can also access the same page by pressing the Stats circle:


Doing either of these will take you to the main report page, which will look a little something like this:


In here, as you can see, you can view meditation minutes, workouts, heart rate - even how much of the day is left!

In short, more or less everything is viewable in this screen, and there are many reasons why you may want to jump in and take look from time to time.

If you look along the top, you will also notice a series of icons.


Each of these will take you to a more specific report, and you will notice that these also correlate with the bigger circles in the Latest tab page (see the first pic in this guide again if you need reminding).

Let’s look at each one in turn.


The moon icon will take you to your sleep report. We have a separate guide on this, but this is the best way to access your latest report after it has been added.

In here you’ll see your sleep score, which also details your time asleep, heart rate, HRV and oxygen levels:


You can see your sleep battery details and readiness score:


And you can also view your detailed sleep data:



The feet icon will show you details of all your steps for that day, including a map of where you are and where you have been.



The food icon, takes you to your food page, which is one of the most popular and used pages.

This is where you can view your food eaten, measure it in realtime against your food targets, export to Apple Health, view your eating schedule and also look at the nutrient data for that day.


You also have the option to add more food here if you choose to, by pressing the relative + button.

See our separate food guide for a detailed breakdown on the Food XRAY system.


The laptop icon opens up your journal.

From here you can add notes by typing or by using our voice-note feature.

We also provide some prompt ideas for inspiration, if needed.


You can also check your mood, check-in with your mind coach, log any symptoms you may be experiencing and check in for any habits you are tracking.


Finally, the GPS symbol takes you to Places, where you get a linear display of all the places you have visited that day, the option to add or edit places been, and a full colour map of the areas you have been exploring.


Viewing Previous Reports