Thanks to all our early members who have been sending in their suggestions and bug reports.

This version has a lot of bug fixes and improvements across the app, including:

  • New Sleep Score options in Mind Coach
  • New free quiz for custom Shopping List
  • Fixes for syncing sleep in the morning
  • Improvements to Sleep Battery calculations
  • Improve accuracy of barcode scanner data
  • Improve barcodes for European foods
  • Fixes for data review & custom workouts
  • Fixes for changing food names and times
  • Handling for unverified accounts emails
  • Many more bug fixes & improvements

How to Track Your Sleep

The sleep syncing has been improved, giving you instant access to your sleep score every morning and more fine control over which data is used when multiple sources are available.

Once the data has been synced, you’ll get an AI explanation of what happened along with new analytics about your sleep debt, readiness, oxygen levels, and more!

Now you can access your sleep sync and latest score from your Coach tab in the Mind Coach section—and this feature is available to everyone.

How do you use it?

  1. Set up your Apple Watch and wear it at night
  2. Open the app when you wake up!
  3. Check your sleep report for insights

That’s it!

This also works with other devices or apps that save to Apple Health, like the Eight Sleep Mattress, Whoop wristband, and thousands of other apps, though the data quality and sync speed can vary and you should verify that the sleep times are correct before saving.

For the people who don’t have an Apple Watch or other sleep data to sync from Apple Health, there are many other fallback options as well, including manually adding the times in the app. People who aren’t ready to track their sleep can also switch back to the old “Classic“ method of only tracking sleep in the background and having simpler data without the Sleep Score Ultra.

This can also be useful for certain devices like Fitbit or Oura that don’t save everything to Apple Health and need more time to sync in the background with the direct integration.

Your Sleep Battery

After you save your sleep for a few days in a row, you will start to see your Sleep Battery in the daily report. This provides insights on how much sleep you need and if you are caught up or need more rest.

This can also result in a change in readiness, which is determined using your heart rate metrics. This is often related but not always — for example if you are getting sick or have been overtraining, your readiness could be low despite getting a lot of sleep. In other cases, you may have accumulated a lot of sleep debt but still have high readiness.

Other info like your oxygen levels, dreaming, circadian rhythm and bedtime routine also help to make your scores more accurate. If you have any questions, your AI sleep coach is also always available to help decipher these metrics!

Bug Fixes

The sleep battery will now display even when it is still calculating

Fixed some of the text with duplicate words

The barcode scanner just got smarter!

In addition to Food XRAY — where you can take a photo of any meal for professional analysis — now you have some more do it yourself options for instant analysis.

We have expanded our barcode databases to include most packaged foods across dozens of countries, including all of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and more.

The data quality has also improved, now loading macronutrients, calories, ingredients, photos, and when available micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Not all nutrition labels have this info, but when they do it will get copied over also.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also improved the meal renaming interface, to easily add or update the labels of photos. In the previous version, there was an issue where the keyboard sometimes covered elements.

Now the exact time of the item can easily be adjusted to reflect when exactly you ate it. For example, if you took the photo but then ate it a few minutes later, you can move it over. This is generally not necessary, but can help improve the accuracy of the fasting timer.

Shopping Guide

A new quiz is now available in Food Coach section!

In your food tab, you’ll now find the new AI shopping guide.

Just fill out the short quiz with some details about your goals and you’ll get a detailed shopping list of exactly what to get at the market, custom designed exactly for you and your requirements.

Eating healthy and managing your nutrition just got easier.