January 2024

“Thanks to Gyroscope, I have tracked every single meal for years, and it adds to all of my health data. Super” – Michele

“Gyroscope is a great app to understand your health and how to make adjustments so you can feel better and have more energy!” – Crystal

Actionable Insights (with Gyroscope AI)

Millions of people bought wearables or started tracking their life with the hopes that this would one day exist.

Finding actionable insights in data has been the “holy grail” of data for decades — and now with the help of artificial intelligence and the new Gyroscope V7, this dream is finally a reality.

Now your latest actionable insight is shown front and center when you open the app, in the Insight tab — fully tailored for you based on your goals, objectives, data and more.

In the app, you can talk to your AI coaches, start programs, set up targets and select your quests to fully personalize this and make sure you are going in the right direction.


Of course, the results and benefits will only come if you actually do the insights. It may take a while to get used to actually doing actions or making changes to your data instead of just viewing it like in previous versions.

Try it out for a few weeks and see how your life improves…

“The food tracking is something out of this world. And I keep imagining it will get better as times go by, because tech should always improve. If you can get the Food XRay, do it, it can really make you more conscious of how the food you eat affects you.” – Guilherme

“It is my go to health app, it combines all the information I am gathering over the day and presents it in a very clear way” – Pierke

“Because V7 is such an upgrade - I can better understand the data I see, and thanks to the AI Coaches, I no longer feel alone in my journey, all without the fear of judgement.” – Clotair

Daily Report

The daily report is more powerful and streamlined, making it easy to see all your data at a glance and navigate through your history.

Within the day you can switch across categories: steps, places, sleep, and more — or go back in time easily from today to yesterday, and before!


Every morning when you wake up, you’ll be able to instantly get your sleep score ultra (within a few seconds of waking up, if you want to see it asap).

Then, throughout the day you can add notes to your journal, check off habits you do, and most importantly see how your food is contributing to your food targets.


New Programs & Quests

The programs (now available in Gyroscope University) have been improved to provide an in-depth consultation at the beginning, and then fully personalized guidance — to match your exact experience and challenges, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Start your programs in each category that you want to improve. You can do just one to focus on something for a few months, or start multiple programs if you are feeling really ambitious.

Once you start a program and get your lessons, you will have the knowledge you need in the app.

But, the real results will only come from actually doing them.

And that is generally where the dropoff is.

How many times have you bookmarked something or listened to an interesting podcast or gotten some advice, but then not actually implemented it?

New Quests to get real changes

The quests help to bridge that gap, simplifying your lesson or current focus into bite-sized actions that can fit into your day. As you do them a few times, it can start to become a habit and part of your regular routine, and then not need as much tracking or planning.

In the new version, we are finally adding a fix for this basic challenge of human nature. Starting quests is easier and faster than before, from the top of each tab! You will also get new quest suggestions in the chat or can make requests for specific things.


You can choose a short or long quest depending on your time and energy!

Now in V6.16, they will be precalculated and planned for you at the start of the day based on all your data and what would give you the most benefits, but also easily fit into your schedule — so you can quickly set up your quests in the morning across categories: mind, fitness, food and more!

New daily tasks checklist

Need more direction or a clear list of what to do to stay on track?

The new tasks tab shows your objectives for the day, fully customized by your installed habits and the goals you set for the week.


“It is for me the main companion of Apple Health. Apple Health consolidate most of the health data, but Gyroscope is the only thing that makes sense out of it. Not only it explains to me what's happening, but it's guiding me for improvement. It's less "wondering" and "decision fatigue" for myself.” – Phillipe

“There is no other health tracking app that even comes close to Gyroscope X. Each version has massive and impactful updates. Highly highly recommend! Get it now” – Stewart

“My favorite thing is the food analysis and the new weight loss program (lessons in it). I love that food recognition is now online and very accurate. There is immediate data on the rating of the food eaten. To be honest - my main tab is Food, sometimes I don't go to the others for a few days. And I like the sleep analysis very much. The app is like a friend to me already, or even family. I can't really imagine my day without it.” – Grigoriy

New Detailed Grade

Everyone is unique. And each week of your life may be different than before, with fluctuations in your data and habits.

Now your grades are more detailed and will reflect that, and also take into account your exact goals and programs.

In addition to a grade for each category, now you will get more of an explanation about why specifically you have that grade, what the data is saying, and how it is changing.


Everyone is currently at level 1 (Bronze), but in future updates we will also add some ways to progress to more advanced levels and increase the difficulty.

Grades are recalculated every 1-2 days when you open the app. This should give enough time to make a few changes, try new quests, and update your data for the next one. However, the grade is still based on the last ~month of data and your overall habits, so it won’t change overnight in either direction (just like your actual health).


New data views

The grades and summaries quickly tell you what is going on without needing to look through all the data yourself, which takes time and is also quite complex, and requires specialized knowledge.

Statistics — the science of finding significant signal from noise and variations — can get quite complicated, and is possible with formulas that most people can’t compute in their heads, but computers can do in just milliseconds.

Now you can get the best of both.


All your trends are still easily browsable on the website and in the Health tab under each category, but now the key ones are also highlighted next to the grade so you can see the underlying data in that category at a glance, what direction it is going, and your recent averages.


Now you can quickly scroll through the listing to see the key items in that category that contribute to your grade (or notice gaps in your data that may be reducing the accuracy).

Food Tracking


This update includes many updates and improvements to the food tracking system.

  • Improvements to the barcode scanner
  • Improvements to the repeat meal system
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
  • New import all / export all feature for Pro Sync between Gyroscope and Apple Health
  • Improvements to viewing data and grades for each meal

For members in Europe and other countries outside the US, the barcode scanning has been improved to use new data from Open Food Facts. However, the Food Camera is also smarter and can detect most foods both packaged and whole, so if your barcode isn’t automatically detected then no worries.

While other apps can be used to track your calories and then import them into Gyroscope, this provides lower quality data (only basic macros rather than the advanced coaching metrics that Food XRAY uses), and also is a more time consuming experience to get things between multiple apps so not as sustainable for daily usage. However, you are free to use what works for you.

Not all food tracking apps are the same. Some apps write useful data to Apple Health, while others do not. There is a spectrum of data-quality and how much of these details are shared: • name of food (or if it is just exported with ? as the name) • time eaten (or if breakfast is just set to 8:00am always in some apps) • calorie count (many apps do share this) • macros like carbs, fat, protein • unique ID of the meal to prevent being imported twice, or detect which items were legitimately eaten multiple times One of the worst offenders is MyFitnessPal — due to their popularity they can get away with not sharing much info, or charging to export more. The times or names of food are not shared for example, so it is just an unknown set of calories. This can be ok for seeing your calorie count but not useful for real coaching or understanding. Not having unique names or labels also makes it likely that things get duplicated, resulting in wrong data. Apps that are known to save low-quality data include: MyFitnessPal, Cronometer, MacroFactor and others. These are not recommended to use if you desire any coaching or feedback in Gyroscope about the meals, as there is just not enough information. However, other apps that save accurate timestamps and the names of food can be more helpful, which some apps do. Some of these apps include: Lifesum, Loseit, FoodNoms and others.

V6/V7 Selector

The V6 mode has been simplified to be a clean Pro mode without AI or coaching, while the V7 is optimized to help improve your life and provide realtime guidance.

If your life is already perfect or you are on vacation and don’t want to make changes, or just aren’t ready for any feedback or changes from a coach, you can stay on V6. For everyone else, we recommend switching to V7 if you haven’t already.

You can switch from Settings > Customization > V7.

(New members who signed up this year will automatically be in V7 already and don’t need to do anything, this only affects older members who have been on for a few years and are used to the old app, so may need some more time to transition).

Many people have been sending bug reports or suggestions for what they want to improve, and we appreciate all the feedback. The support chat is on for everyone right now so you can easily send us a message and let us know what you are thinking — both positive and negative.

Everyone uses the app in a unique way and has a different life, so the things you experience may not be something we or other people see, so sharing your feedback helps yourself and everyone else in the community.

Here are some highlights of what people said about the V7 preview:

“Way better. Good design and clearer interactions” – Max

“Gyroscope is a comprehensive and innovative way to get a picture of your overall health, fitness, and well-being. It’s a focus point that reminds me, that health, fitness, and behavior are important things for me to focus on” - Howard

”Your app is incredibly unique and comprehensive. It’s the only app that gets close enough to comprehensive health and wellness while being personalized to me, and it’s fun.” - Holly

“Gyroscope provides me with means to live healthier through data and advice.” - Carlos

“As someone with ADHD, this app keeps my health organized and keeps me motivated to continue improving my health. This is a significant change for the better in usability and functionality! The dashboard, and the integration of the AI coaches in various parts of the app give it an integrated and comfortable feel.” - Tom

“I'm starting to leverage the food coach with AI recognition of my meals. I have to say I'm positively surprised on the quality of the data produced, and I'm following the advice to get better.” - Phillipe

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, send us a message!