We’re excited to introduce the brand new Gyroscope V6, now available in the App Store!

This is our biggest update yet, making the app simpler, faster, and much more intelligent.


Better living with AI is here

We have rebuilt Gyroscope V6 from the ground up, now supercharged with AI to help improve your sleep, stress, mood, nutrition, fitness and more.

Here’s a short video showing a day in the life of a Gyroscope member.

Watch the launch video to see how AI can help you live a better life, or keep reading to see all the new features and improvements available to you in V6…

“I think Gyroscope is awesome. Already before the AI, and now even more so..” — Sander
”The AI coach is fantastic. The best I’ve tested on many health coaching platforms” — Glen
“Gyroscope has kept me accountable and helped me get back on ‘the wagon’ when life gets in the way and I fall off it.” — Kristine

Until now, Gyroscope has required a paid membership. Now we are introducing a brand new free tier that includes everything you need to understand and manage your mind!

To make Gyroscope accessible to everyone, we’ve introduced a new token system so members on each plan can unlock more usage of premium features like AI coaching or Food XRAY analysis — starting with 20 tokens a month for free or up to 2,000 a month for X members!

What’s new in V6?

Free Members

  • New Sleep Coach Ultra with instant syncing
  • New quizzes for your mind, food and more
  • New fasting timer and food tracking features
  • New meditations and breathwork sessions

Pro Members

  • Improved Health Score algorithm
  • Test and install new healthy habits in Labs
  • New barcode scanner to instantly track food (with database of all packaged food items in over 50 countries)
  • New Mind Coach to improve mood, stress & productivity (beta)

Coach Members

  • New custom roadmap with weekly insights
  • New custom strength workout program
  • New AI coaches for food and fitness
  • New and improved human data review

Plus, we have made the app much faster and reliable than ever before, rebuilding most views from the ground up for increased speed and intelligence.

Special thanks to all our early members and beta testers who have been sending us feedback and suggestions this year before the public release!

Here are what a few of our beta testers and early customers are saying…

“I first checked out Gyroscope about 7 years ago (according to my account age), and I remember thinking at the time it seemed great but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and was a little out of budget for me. I’m glad I decided to check it out again now, I’m super impressed with how it’s changed. In particular, the new AI coach is amazing.” —Damian
“This app is one of the few that have been with me for years.” —Ralf
“I’ve been using this app for over five years and I feel like it has done an amazing job of keeping a vibrant and interactive record of my health journey throughout the years. The amount of data and how it is presented is mine boggling and I really think the journey has just started!” —Nithin
“AI coaches are nice to get immediate feedback such as a menu and groceries for tomorrow or an exercise to do now” —Jeremy
“Good for asking questions and receiving immediate answers. It’s been a blessing. Helps remind me to keep moving forward” —Skyler

Powered by the Superintelligence Engine

There is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence recently. This is well deserved as the new advances here are really impressive. However, at Gyroscope we don’t particularly care whether intelligence is artificial or natural as long as it helps our members live longer.

For the last 5 years, we have had our human coaching division with Gyroscope X, which provides people with the best longevity experience in the world. Even the best AI cannot compete with our human coaches, but it doesn’t have to.

In the Superintelligence Beta (apply for access from the new Coach tab in V6), you can choose from a selection of coaches with a variety of personality attributes.


Now we have combined the two to give you the best of both worlds. In Gyroscope V6, humans and AI work together seamlessly to keep you healthy.

This includes human oversight and support through features like your human support chat, full data reviews by a human coach to ensure accuracy and that you’re on track, videos and content from our coaching team that has been tested on thousands of X members, and more.

“The new AI features do not replace a real coach, but they helped me understand my body better and is a easy way to get advice (and accountability)” —Jason
“I say again, Bravo on all the great work. Gyroscope is really emerging as my “go to” one stop coach for life, wellness & fitness. It’s all coming together like nothing else …” —Peter

This works seamlessly with new AI features like custom quizzes, quests, insights and more, to provide a clear path from where you are now to reaching all your health and fitness goals.

This is a new system of AI combining human coaches, advanced language models, and realtime data tracking for the best possible insights.

And now they are available in over 40 languages!

“Truly blown away by the AI. This is the best use of ChatGPT that I’ve seen. I’m at the point where I’m asking it ever more complicated questions and engaging the AI in conversation and it’s VERY impressive.” —Joshua
“Most of all I like the fact that they are personalized — that is, the data is not general advice, but advice about exactly what I eat or do.”“In just few weeks time Gyroscope AI coach has already made so many health improvements in my lifestyle, I’d recommend it 1000%” —Neel

The new AI coaches are still in beta and constantly being improved. If you want to be on the cutting edge of health and technology, Gyroscope Coach members get to skip the waitlist and get instant access to all the new features.

Otherwise, you can join the waitlist in the app and we will be sending out new invites every few weeks to members who have the latest app.

A simplified and custom journey

We know how confusing fitness and nutrition can seem, with so many different approaches, diets, workouts and opinions flying around. However, one thing can be agreed upon: the successful execution of a plan begins with small steps and consistency.

So where do you begin?

If you’re on Coach (Pro members get a lite version to work through) we’ve upgraded one of our core coaching systems — the Roadmap — and combined it with AI to produce a long term, personalized health plan.

After a consultation with the coach, you’ll be presented with a bespoke Roadmap consisting of chapters covering a variety of subjects and insights tailored to your goals. You’ll also receive quests from the AI team specific to the insights you’re working through, to combine knowledge and guidance with action.


💪 Get stronger with Fitness Coach

The new superintelligent workout builder is a first-of-its-kind workout experience, and represents a new frontier for Gyroscope: in-app, customized workouts.

Currently only available for Coach and X members, once you have had a fitness consultation with the AI coach, you will be presented with a 12 week workout program complete with videos, instructions and real time guidance from the AI as to what weights, times and reps to aim for based on previous output.

Beyond that, you can also see your exercise trends in-app, so you can graphically watch your strength gains go up as time goes on!

“Even though Ollie is doing an excellent job, I find that AI coaches are a good complement when you need some immediate advice, the coaches are very insightful and motivating and you can definitely ask very silly questions and bother them a lot more that you would dare with a human coach (since they have more limited availability and patience”

🧪 Experiment with new habits in Labs

Labs has had a complete makeover, too, with a new design and brand new Labs to go through. We’ve even created a new section: heart health.

We’ve also taken the decision to make all Labs with a score of 4 stars or more totally free for everyone to access! So even if you are using the free version of Gyroscope, you can implement the tried and tested Labs that have passed the “success test” and reap the rewards that others have documented and enjoyed.

“Gyroscope is the only food tracker I’ve been able to use for more than a few months. On top of that, it tracks and syncs so much more, and I’ve used it daily for years. It’s great to see changes overtime.” —Michele

🍽️ The world’s best food tracker

Now with barcode scanner, Food XRAY, and more

We have also improved the food tracking experience to be easier and faster than ever. Members in Coach and X will get automatic expert level analysis from real human nutritionists in Food XRAY—just take photos of your food.

V6 also includes a new barcode scanner so you can scan any packaged food for an instant analysis. This now supports products from over 50 countries, across many languages and regions.

The app continues to get smarter and predict your actions as you use it Once you’ve logged a few meals, you can easily repeat meals for convenient and instant logging.

“XRay Food Tracking has been a game changer for me in consistency, awareness, and accountability of what I eat.”
“The biggest help Gyroscope has provide is the Food X-Ray function. I find that calculating calories and determining macros are largely guess work. However, the margin for error goes considerably down when it is performed by someone with a sharper eye, greater experience, and a deeper understanding of food contents. Therefore, when I get the Meal Report for each meal I have a greater degree of confidence in my food choice moving forward.” —Kwabena

💤 The world’s most advanced sleep report

Open the app every morning for a simplified AI report of how you slept, along with detailed graphs and data available if you want to see it.

It syncs instantly in the morning with your Apple Watch Ultra to use new sensors like oxygen levels, and also supports sleep from thousands of other apps that save to Apple Health like Whoop, Oura, Garmin and more.

“I check it several times a day, but the important one is the morning check, when I review my night and resting heart rate” —Ange

“Dang, the new sleep score intro when you first open the app for the day is 🔥🔥🔥” — Kunal


If you are interested in the data, you’ll see your a personalized sleep score and all your metrics including heart rate variability, resting heart rate, REM & deep sleep timing, oxygen levels, sleep debt and more.

More than just the numbers, you will also get an explanation from your Mind Coach of what it actually means, along with essential insights about the status of your Sleep Battery and your current readiness for action.

Truly know yourself with Mind Coach

Your new Mind Coach (available for free) includes powerful quizzes you can use to learn more about yourself!

The quizzes are tailored for you and constantly adapt as you use the app. Learn about a variety of topics, from longevity to cognitive biases, attachment styles, personality types, insulin resistance and loads more.


In the Food tab, you can tell the app what you have in your kitchen to get a fully customized meal planned for you, with simple but powerful recipes.


🧠 Meditations and Breathwork

Your brain is your most important organ. To help you understand and manage it, the mood tracking and meditations in Gyroscope now work together seamlessly to give you read/write access to your mental state.

From mindfulness meditations to accompany your morning coffee, to stoic meditations that develop mental strength and stability to loving kindness meditations to explore empathy and compassion, there is something for everyone across all experience levels.


🗺️ New simplified navigation

The app is simpler than ever and easier to navigate.

You can now customize the experience to be exactly how you want it — changing the color, language, units, and even customizing which tabs you see in the nav.


There is now a new menu that shows a full view of all the app and all the sections, so you can browse and navigate to every feature easily.


🏆 Unlock icons & achievements

As you use the app, you will unlock new achievements and custom icons from the new Achievements screen.

Check out your current streak, how many quests you’ve completed, and other achievements. Each one unlocks special exclusive icons. You can also unlock a special limited-time icon that’s only available this week!


Ready to get started?

Gyroscope V6 is now available in the App Store.

Download the app for free!