The year is almost over, and your new Annual Report for 2022 is almost ready!

People will soon be setting new goals for their health, and the app can now be your guide to reaching those goals successfully — whether losing some weight, gaining muscle, being more productive, or getting to the bottom of some health issue. All 6 tabs work together to manage different parts of your health and provide consistency in your progress.

Now all the science has been published in the guides, so you can truly understand how everything works from the Life tab. Then the report and health tabs will provide you with the tools to visualize what you just read about and make the changes you want. The coach tab provides more accountability and guidance along the way.

V5.7 is now available for both iPhone and Android members!

Here’s what’s new…


The main Life tab is continuing to get smarter and more contextual.

Now once you have set your goal, you can read the complete science guide for how to make it happen in Gyroscope — whether lose bodyfat, gain muscle or simply live longer.


After finishing reading the guide (which is split up into bite-sized pages), you will then see your north star metric.

This will show your main graph and past month’s data, right at the top so it is easy to access and keep an eye on.


If your goal is set to lose bodyfat, for example then you’ll see your last month’s weight smoothed out in a graph. The folks who want to live longer will see their Health Score, and so on depending on goals.

Below that are all the guides and tools to make this go in the right direction.


What do all these charts and numbers mean? What is HRV? How do you sleep better? How much protein should you be eating? Do calories matter? There are so many complex questions here, and you can now understand how everything fits together now by reading the guides.

All the science guide are now available for free and can be found in the Guides section. If you are going through the academy, the guides will be organized into bite-sized chapters along with actual insights to practice. We highly recommend going through the academy, because just reading the guides is entertaining but useless without then implementing those habits and best practices into your life.

Pro members can also test and install habits with the Labs, which are now also easily accessible from the Life tab as well as from the Health tab…


The Health tab provides an overview of your health along with the tools to change it.

At the top is the Health Score, which sums everything up into a grade and simple sentence. For most people, checking this daily will be enough to know what to do.

The trends section is continuing to improve, and we have many more enhancements planned here for the future. The Health Score will tell you about any serious changes, so you don’t usually need to look around them manually, but it can be fun or useful to do so.


For example, here you can see VO2max starting to go up as as a result of more exercise and training. That’s expected and should result in a higher grade, but also good to check. If you are on coach, your coach can also keep an eye on these for you or comment on how the trends are looking (with greater context, since they see hundreds of them).

Even without a coach, the algorithms in Gyroscope can now tell you a lot about your health. With your Health Score, you now have a constant guardian in the app looking over your metrics and keeping an eye out for potential issues.


In addition to the high-level grades for your habits (sleep, steps, exercise, etc.), now you can have continuous monitoring of your metrics. These can give you an early warning and show feedback when something is detected that needs work. As you live life, especially with holiday travel, parties, eating and other things coming up, some of these may start to alert.


Tracking all your data and making sure your trends don’t have any major gaps (especially in the core metrics like HRV, mood, weight, places, etc.) will allow all of these to function properly and alert you of any significant changes in your data.

The meal quality and noninvasive glucose insights are part of Food XRAY. The nutrition analysis can come from photos and doesn’t need any extra wearables besides the app!

With early warnings, you can notice and reverse these trends before any serious issues emerge. For example, if you are in sleep debt or have a drop in immune function, you can try to sleep more for a week and catch up. If you’ve been eating unhealthily with too many processed foods or alcohol intake triggering a meal quality warning, you can focus more on nutrition for a week or stop partying temporarily until your health stabilizes.

To know at a glance what monitoring you have working and how strongly your Health Score correlates to your true health, now you can check your signal strength metric which is at the bottom. Around 80-100% means you have good coverage, while less than that may mean there may be some blind spots in your monitoring.



The Coach experience continues to improve in this update, with a streamlined header that gives you easy access to all your health coaches, both AI (in Pro) and human (for X and Coach).

For Pro members this includes the meditation and muscle coach features (where you can start meditations, join the breathwork classes or set up your custom workout program). For Coach members, it also the bodyfat coach with the nutrition team, as well as your chat with coaches and support.


From here you can easily chat with your coaching team or review your latest AI insights.


The Coach tab also gives you easy access to all the quizzes. Currently you can use it to estimate your longevity (even without sensor data, though having more wearables and info will help make it more precise). More quizzes and insights will be coming here soon!

If you’ve been tracking all your data in Gyroscope and want a more in-depth analysis than the Health Score, including opinions on what to change or do differently, now you can apply for a data review. This is like the Health Score — in that it analyzes your sleep, food, activity, and other parts of your health — but goes deeper into your life, and is generated by humans for more insights and context. This will include a deep look at your past month’s food history to find your top meals to repeat, ways to reduce imbalanced meals, and even review all your targets to make sure they match your goals.


People who want to live a more quantified life can also set up their daily targets in the coach tab — for sleep, movement, fasting and nutrition. These can work well along with your incremental weekly goals (which are a percentage adjustment from the previous week’s numbers) to generate your daily goals, and give you a clear checklist and schedule for what to do in a day.

Targets can now be set and viewed by everyone for free in the app. If you’re not sure what to set yours to, you can also send us a message in the coach tab to get help from a coach in figuring out what your target should be.


For example, we’ve found that most people are not getting enough protein or fiber in their diet, especially those who struggle with their weight. People who are trying to lose weight will want to figure out their true calorie expenditure and then set a target that places them in a slight deficit, and also tune their specific amounts of protein, fiber and other nutrients to ensure not only the right calorie count but checking the boxes on all the essential nutrients.

Lastly, now you can see the members of your coaching & nutrition team at the bottom of the coach tab.


Members in X will be able to choose a specific coach to work with closely and talk to on calls, while members on coach can chat with the entire team and hear from a combination of coaches depending on time and availability.