Improvements to food tracking

Now in the food tab, you can customize how you want to log and analyze your food. Nutrition is such a foundational part of health and longevity, that most people will benefit from some level of tracking and accountability. It could be from taking photos of every meal, or simply seeing the list of restaurants you go to.

Based on all the feedback we’ve gotten, now there’s a configuration that should work well for everyone. (Or if you really don’t want to track food, you can turn it off entirely)

Whether you want to take photos, just add text, track it in another app and sync it to Gyroscope, or have it analyzed for you, now you can customize exactly how your food system works.


New in this version:

  • Import and export from Apple Health with new Pro Sync beta
  • Repeat your frequently eaten meals with one tap
  • Enter text descriptions more easily if you don’t have a photo
  • Easier access to our popular batch upload, to add days or weeks of photos
  • Automatically see your eating history from places
  • Improvements to analyzing your own food in the app

Some time saving tips:

If you eat something you have had before frequently, you can easily repeat it. No need to take a new photo, though you always can.


If you are taking the photos on your phone, you can upload them every day or 2 with the “batch upload” feature. Now you can do each day or up to a week at a time if you fall behind on photos and need to catch up.


Then you’ll also see a queue of meals that need to be analyzed, either by yourself with self analysis or you’re in a rush, or by the team if you have Food XRAY…


Whether you are analyzing your food yourself or having the nutrition team do it, we suggest reading the analysis guide for more tips on how to maximize the precision and accuracy of your tracking.

Do you go to restaurants?

If you’ve been tracking your places in Gyroscope (one of our most popular Pro features), now you can use those insights to track and improve your nutrition!

In this version, you can see a list of your top restaurants and other food sources (whether grocery shopping or cafes, or even bars) in the food tab.


Eating at restaurants or being healthy are not mutually exclusive. The restaurant guide will show you how you can do both.

Below your list of restaurants, you will find a detailed guide with practical tips from all our coaches, included recommended orders and how to go out in the world without needing to give up on your goals.


It may take a bit more effort or creativity, but you can still make balanced and high quality meals. If you find yourself at a coffee shop, or even at a McDonalds, check out the guide with some practical tips and some of our favorite food items on each menu!

Analyzing your own meals?

If you’ve set your food tracking to self-analysis, you’ll want to analyze your meals after adding the photos. This can be done asynchronously, so you can easily track your food while you are out and then spend more time doing the searches and quantification later when you have time and it’s not rude to be on your phone.

For example, if you’re at a restaurant with friends or on a date, you probably shouldn’t open up Gyroscope or MyFitnessPal for 5 minutes and type in all your food… But not tracking it either will make all your food history inaccurate. We’ve found that taking a quick photo on your phone is the best balance, allowing for easy tracking but also being compatible with real life.


Now you can see a queue of the meals that are left to analyze, and quickly jump through them.

Analyzing your meals accurately is a bit technical, with details like selecting the correct servings of items to finding the most detailed items in the nutrition database, so we’ve also shared a guide of how to best use these tools. Most of these principles of self-analysis apply whether you are analyzing your meals in Gyroscope or another app like myfitnesspal.

Using other apps

While we don’t require using other apps to track your food, if you do use them… the data saved to Apple Health can now be imported to Gyroscope with one click!

For example, here you can see a “mocha” as logged by 4 of the most popular apps: chronometer, lifesum, lose it, and the classic myfitnesspal with the option to import. (note that only 2 of them saved a name, and only 1 saved the time it was eaten).

Based on the data available, you can decide if you want to import it or log it yourself directly in Gyroscope.


Note that to prevent duplicate imports, only one item can be eaten at a time! This works well with the photos approach, as you can’t take 2 photos at the same time, and prevents uploading of the same photo twice.

Improvements to Coach tab

From the coach tab, you can now take quizzes and manage your targets.


If you need help setting your targets, let us know!