The Daily Report has been streamlined for easier navigation!

We recommend checking this every morning to see what happened yesterday.

Now the day and date are at the top in the header, while everything else is moved to the bottom for easier access to switching tabs or going back to previous days with the arrows.

If you haven’t opened yesterday’s report (which is one of the most important pages in the app), you’ll have an unread reminder on the report to make sure you see stats and fill in any gaps (like missing food or unidentified places).


Doing this daily will help make sure your data is accurate, as well as make sure you stay aware of all your metrics (which is the only way you can benefit from the tracking).

In this version we’ve been continuing to improve the Food experience in Gyroscope.

If you’re analyzing your food in the app, you can now export those calories & macros to Apple Health as well! This can be done for each item in the daily report.


Members on Coach who log their food will also see more details from the Food XRAY tracking, verified by the nutrition team. This inludes details on your food processing, muscle synthesis, nutrient density, and more. These are the fundamentals of nutrition, though not really tracked by any other app (since they are complex, and require real humans to figure out accurately).


For Coach members, going beyond just food we are rolling out a new Data Review feature.


This will help to provide actionable insights on your food history, as well as all other parts of the app like your health score or sleep habits.