Improvements to Sleep

New sleep score system that is instant (right when you wake up in the morning, you can now open the app to see your sleep if you wore your Apple Watch to bed) and uses more sensors like oxygen and respiration — plus a new AI powered report to explain what it all means.


The new sleep report lets you visualize new info like oxygen levels, respiration and even dreaming to get a complete picture of how you slept and how you can improve.

If you are using Places tracking, you can even see the Sunset and Sunrise at your current location highlighted in the report to see how aligned you are with the natural circadian rhythm.

Improvements to Food Tracking

Making food tracking easier and more intuitive!


The food tab header has been streamlined with new navigation and options so you can easily find the food you are looking for.

In addition to the Food Camera with Food XRAY (included in Gyroscope Coach and X membership) — you can also scan a barcode or repeat a previous meal!

The new barcode scanner uses multiple databases and should detect most packaged foods from around the world — US, Canada, Europe and beyond — for instant analysis.

The new meal repeat will intelligently find the frequent foods and estimate what you are about to eat. If you have the same meals over again (especially once you have found ones that provide great nutrients) you can easily reuse them, for easier logging and instant analysis. Plus, the old photo will get automatically reused for you!


The new fasting timer will also automatically calculate your times and show insights about the current fuel source your body is likely using.


Now you can easily switch between fasting mode and the food camera.

The Food Coach

In the food tab, you can also access the new Food Coach features.

For free, there are free quizzes and planners, and you can set your own targets.


Members in Coach can also see their detailed nutrition grades and chat with their coach.

The Mind Coach


Now everyone has access to the new Sleep Score Ultra, which uses new sensor data (like oxygen) from the Apple Watch for a more accurate and instant score each morning.

When you open the app in the morning, you’ll be able to sync and review your data (and if conflicting sleep reports were found, choose the one you want to use) to see how you slept and start planning your day.

Note: if you don’t want to use this new system, in settings you can switch back to the classic sleep score which just runs in the background and has simpler scoring. This can be good if using alternate sleep trackers that don’t save to Apple Health or may take longer to finish syncing (like Fitbit or Oura). You can also customize your resting heart rate target to adjust the scoring.


Quizzes related to mind are also included in the free Mind Coach features.


Fitness Coach

If you’ve started a strength training program, you can also see your progress and consistency in the fitness coach section, plus a reminder when it is time for your next workout.


Trends for each will also highlight the changes in your strength since you started.


Tokens System

To keep the service responsive and reliable for everyone, we are introducing a new Token system. This makes sure everyone is able to get the features they are paying for and have reserved capacity.

For the new Superintelligence Engine features (like chatting with your AI coaches), there is now a token system to see your usage. In the coach tab you’ll be able to see how many are included in your plan, how many you’ve used in the last 30 days, and if it is time to upgrade to the next level.


Last month, we used about 12,318,818 3.5-turbo tokens and 36,047,827 GPT-4 tokens. Usage is going up quickly as more people get started on the beta, as we add new features like sleep score and custom workouts, and as people start adding more coaches and messaging their coaches more frequently, this will continue to increase. This is awesome, so we want to encourage this while also not having it break or get astronomically expensive, or have one person break the app for everyone.

However we are all responsible adults here, so we don’t to add unnecessary limits like only being able to send a certain number of messages per hour or day. So now you can see your entire amount for the 30 days, and use it how and when you desire.

Each AI message (once fully configured with your goals, chat history, preferences and more) costs approximately 10-20 cents with current GPT4 token prices. Food analysis is also complicated and expensive behind the scenes, since it is done by a team of experienced humans (simple photos may be around 10-20 cents, while a complex unlabeled photo could be a dollar or more). In addition to the costs, we have a limited supply for the entire community.

You don’t need to worry about the costs or complexity of all the things happening behind the scenes, but now tokens are a simple way to visualize how many resources are being used and ensure that everyone is able to get a great, consistent experience.

We decided to combine this into just one simple limit rather than limiting each feature separately so that people can allocate their budgets however they want: set up 1 AI coach or 3, ask questions, how many meals to eat and upload, whether to spend time labeling their photos or have it done for them, etc. — or move up to X if they find all of them valuable and are ready for higher usage.

This also allows us to give access to the most advanced and premium AI models to all our users, rather than just keeping these cool new features limited to X members. This also lets us add a significant amount of AI usage as a new benefit to the current coach and Pro members, without increasing prices for existing members.

Currently only two Superintelligence Engine features require tokens: chatting with your AI coach in high-memory mode (1 token per message), and food xray analysis by nutritionists (1-5 tokens per photo). Everything else (like weekly insights, custom workouts, Health Score, etc. still has unlimited usage).

The current tokens provided per month in the Superintelligence beta are:

FREE - 15

PRO - 50 (up to 50 mind coach mesages per month, or 1.6 per day)

COACH - 500 (Up to 500 meals analyzed, or 500 coach messages per month: 16 per day with 1 coach, or 5 per day with each 3 coaches)

X - 2,000 (Up to 66 food photos and AI messages per day)

We may adjust these over time, depending on average usage, costs behind the scenes and user feedback. We are also intelligently calculating the limits on a rolling basis over a few months, so short-term spikes of higher usage shouldn’t impact users negatively.

So far based on the beta and feedback over the last few months, this seems to be the best approach that gets people the best experience. But this is all still quite new and we have much to learn about scaling this type of system (which has never been done before), so we welcome your feedback!

Gyroscope for Android

Unfortunately, the current Android platform doesn’t reach our bar for quality or experience. Google is also discontinuing some of the features we were previously using in our Android app, so the Android product has been discontinued will not receive new updates beyond what is currently available in the Play Store.

Currently all of our focus is on making the iPhone app as great as possible, which is the platform most of our members are currently using daily.

We may expand these features to other platforms in the future (like iPad, desktop, VR, Android, etc.). Since those would require significant additional resources to build and maintain, that is something we will revisit later this year as we continue to grow and hire a bigger team.

If you have not switched to iPhone yet, this will be your 6-month warning to start switching now as Android support will be dropped next year.

Android Timeline:

Last year: Android app deprecated, offered as a free install to members who don’t have an iPhone with a recommendation to switch as soon as possible for the full experience.

Immediately: No new updates for Android will be released. Existing members are welcome to keep using the app, and we will continue to support Android V5 on the backend for as long as possible.

August: The app will no longer be offered in Play Store for new members. People who have it installed can still continue to use it until they switch to iOS.

End of year: Deadline for all active users to switch to the web dashboard or install iPhone app.

June 2024: Remaining Android app installations will stop working due to Google discontinuing key features. (This may happen much sooner, though June 2024 is the date we were told)

Special offer (July & August only):

If you switch to iPhone just to use the new Gyroscope app, let us know and we will add a 20% credit to your new web subscription, or a free Gyroscope gift card to help you get started!

Gyroscope AI Beta

You can now sign up for the beta directly in the app, from the Life tab.

We will be sending out new invites each week!

Members who want to skip the wait can also upgrade to Coach for instant access and premium coaches.