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Strength Programs · Better performance & stability

Your custom program can easily be opened from your Coach tab now in the strength section. And your fitness coach (if you have one) will also remind you when it is time to do the next one.


We’ve streamlined the strength training process and made it more reliable and intelligent.

Special thanks to all our beta testers who have been trying out the new workout program and reporting bugs. If it crashed previously or you got stuck during a workout, sorry! Please try again now! (It does need an internet connection to work)


If you just want to do a quick workout now and don’t want to start a whole strength program (which requires committing to working out at a certain interval, generally 3-5 times per week), you can do a quickstart workout with a few pre-made options. These could also be good complements to other training, ie. an extra core or cardio workout in between the typical strength days, or in addition to a program you do elsewhere.

The new quickstart workout also has a traveling option, which can be good if you are traveling away from your regular gym and typical equipment but don’t want to miss a workout.

Better interface

Now you can more easily skip your rest phases (though don’t forget to rest, it is very important!) and the buttons will adjust automatically as you go through the workout. At the end, the workout will also be automatically saved to Apple Health now also so everything can be done on the phone.


One of the most important benefits of logging your workouts here (in addition to being fully customized for your equipment) is being able to see your progress in trends.


Habits & Streaks

This version improves the design of the habits displayed in the Labs, making it easier to find new habits and to repeat them daily after installation.


Now you can easily preview which ones are the highest rated from the main list to find the next experiment you want to start. For those interested in longevity, we’ve also introduced a “heart health” specific category, though ultimately everything is connected and should help in some way.


Now you can see which habits are most highly rated, without needing to open each one and look at the reviews individually.

The most popular habits are now available for free, and you can skip the experiment phase to install them directly as lifelong habits, if ready to commit to doing it daily!

Once you have added a habit, you’ll see it at the top of your life tab to easily mark it as done. Now this can be done much more easily with one tap, and shows your streak over time.


All the habits listed are promising, but it’s up to you to find the ones that match your lifestyle and give you the best improvement.

Join the Superintelligence Beta

Now we have a new video previewing what will be coming soon in Version 6!

You can easily join the waitlist from the top of your Life tab, to get early access in the app.

Sleep Score Ultra

New & improved algorithm!

The Superintelligence beta features include much more than just AI chat.

It also now powers the intelligent sleep report.

It is optimized for instant Apple Watch syncing right when you wake up, but can be use with many other trackers too — any app that saves sleep to Apple Health is supported! (including Whoop, Oura, Eight Sleep, Garmin, and others, though some may have limited data quality or accuracy)

  • More info shown in the report: including trends of oxygen levels, breathing, dreaming, etc. many of which were never tracked or visualized previously. This is also rearchitected to load instantly directly from your phone in the morning, for a realtime view of your sleep rather than waiting for syncing.
  • See your max and min oxygen data and how it relates to breathing rate, dreaming and more.
  • Fixes for filtering bad data, remove duplicates and more accurate sleep totals from a variety of data sources.
  • Fallback to Sleep AI if no sleep was tracked, for example if you forgot to charge your watch one night - or if you just don’t have a wearable. However, this just allows for easily entering the sleep times. The details like oxygen levels, HRV, dreaming, and full sleep report won’t be shown that day
  • Review the data source at bottom of the morning report, and easy access to sleep labs
  • Special easter egg if you get a sleep score higher than 90!
  • Still in beta but we are rolling it out to more people as we test it
  • Can now be snoozed for a few hours if you are still waiting for your sleep to load (or going back to sleep), or for a few days/forever if you are no longer tracking your sleep

The 2023 Annual Report


Halftime Preview

The annual report at the end of the year is one of the most popular Pro features. Every day you open the app you are building up your history to review in the future.

In the app you can find all your annual reports since you started using Gyroscope and tracking your history. Now your 2023 report can be previewed, too!

Can you believe the year is already half over? Have you been making the progress you wanted? What has gone well and what has gone wrong?

Now is a good time to reflect, and make changes if needed.

The 2023 preview can be accessed in the app (which has more sharing-optimized cards) and also on the website (with longer reports and more details).

Improvements to Quizzes

Improvements to the longevity quiz and other quizzes, available in your Coach tab.


You can retake quizzes now, which can be especially good for the longevity quiz to get an updated assessment every few months.

Improvements to Food Batch Upload

The photos are filtered to make it easy to find your meals out of the many things on your phone. This means screenshots and other media are removed intelligently, as well as photos taken during traveling - so your places history is used to find when you were stationary somewhere (like at home or at a restaurant) and likely to be taking food photos, while removing photos from you walking outside.

In some cases this may not work though, and so now you can switch to an unfiltered view in the corner and see every single photo available that day.


Improvements to insights

At the core of the coaching experience in Coach and X is the idea of insights. New ones come out on Monday giving you a specific action to do that week or new knowledge to put into practice.

The insight formatting has been improved with updated graphics and different designs based on the category and type of insight. Each insight is made from scratch using your available data, goals and other preferences. It can even be adjusted for your preferred language.

In Coach the insights are automatically generated based on your current month’s roadmap chapter, while in X those are curated by your coach.

AI Chat Improvements (beta)

  • Fixes for certain meditations not loading
  • Improvements to the onboarding process, initial quiz and quests
  • Improved design for quests starting and completed
  • Quests auto-cancel if not completed after a few days
  • Improvements to long-term memory. Now goes back a hundred messages, so you can reference some things you talked about previously or continue long conversations. Previously only the last 5-10 messages were kept in memory, and older things may have gotten forgotten.
  • Improvements to language settings and voices. Now the voices can be generated in other languages natively, without a strange accent.

Introducing tokens

As we add new capabilities to Gyroscope and roll out Superintelligence Engine to many more members, we want to make sure everyone has access, not just the members on our high-end X program. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits, but ensure high reliability and uptime for our paying customers.

To provide this, we are introducing a token system. Messages generated previously will not count, but starting this week new messages will start to require tokens to generate. You can see how many tokens you have in your bank from the Coach tab to see how many more messages you can use, or if you are ready to upgrade to higher levels.

Core features like the Health Score, reports, workouts and insights will be unaffected by the token and can be used at any time — the tokens will be used to chat with your AI coach, and generate new messages. If you do run out, you won’t be immediately cut off (and they replenish daily), but will can continue into a lower memory mode optimized for quick answers to questions.

Each membership includes a certain number of tokens each month, giving you reliable and fast access to these new features. This ensures everyone gets their fair share of these shared resources. If you find yourself wanting more per month, then it might be time to move up to the next level!

However, we want people to be able to get started and try it out — or use it occasionally, for free without needing to upgrade first. Members who like their coaches and want to chat with them frequently, or to add multiple coaches at the same time, can move up to X. Those who are happy with just asking occasional questions can stay on their plan and keep getting value without paying more.

Current monthly tokens provided are:

Free: 20 Pro: 50 Coach: 500 X: 2,000

Once you use up your available tokens, you can wait a week for more AI messages, or upgrade for an instant boost.

This new system provides 4 important benefits to our members:

  • Improved reliability - less chance of getting a server overloaded error because someone else already used up the entire quota, or your workout not loading while at the gym.
  • Improved speed - for Food XRAY, getting food analyzed quickly provides powerful feedback. This lets us increase the speed of the analysis and make sure everyone has reserved capacity and gets their fair share of fast feedback. If someone has used all their tokens for analysis already, they can still get food data but it will be prioritized after those who have reserved tokens. We’ll be adding more improvements here soon, including improvements to the repeat meal features and other ways to get faster or instant analysis when needed.
  • Increased access - with tokens, we can give everyone in the community access to the most advanced AI models on earth. Otherwise, only members in X who are paying enough for unlimited access would be able to use it at all.
  • Increased flexibility - this lets people get as much access as possible, with the flexibility of allocating their monthly budget how they want. Some people may just want to use a lot of Food XRAY and not chat with their AI coaches for example, while others may not log much food or just repeat the same meals, but may want to chat with their AI coaches every day. This gives people the flexibility to make the most of their plan. (And if someone wants to do a lot of everything, then we have Gyroscope X available, with higher limits designed for our top power users).

Product Lineup

The app has a lot of powerful features and we are constantly adding new benefits to help our members know more about themselves and live healthier lives. You don’t need to use every single feature, you can figure out which ones work well for you. However, generally they all have a useful purpose and people who have gotten more things set up will have a better experience.

There are a lot of benefits at each level and sometimes even we can forget them all. Now the app has a simple listing of all the benefits at each level along with more info, listed in settings, so you can review your membership and make sure you’re making use of all the new features.

In the past year we have added a lot of new benefits, so now you can review what all you have.

Note: we have recently updated all the pricing to reflect our current costs at each level. However, if you signed up previously your pricing is not affected and members on older discounted plans will be able to continue uninterrupted.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a lot of crashes that were affecting small amounts of people, especially around using older iOS versions or unexpected Health Data that may cause crashing.

As a reminder, if you switch phones, Gyroscope must be installed again and set up on the new device with the setup process. Transferring the app from one phone to another while it is in the middle of syncing will cause the app to crash.

If you are restoring a new phone, you may also want to wait until it is fully restored and stable before re-installing Gyroscope and enabling the sync. This is because you may be re-downloading millions of items into Apple Health, and if the app is trying to sync all of them as if they were just created that would cause issues.

Known Issues

Some people have reported issues with iOS17.

If you are on the iOS17 beta and notice anything strange, let us know!

So far we have seen some issues with the keyboard not closing or inconsistent apple health syncing.