Lots of improvements in the last couple versions, rolled up into the V5.23 release.

For habits:

  • New design for the Labs, making it easier to find habits that you want to try
  • Improvements to experiments, with easier logging and better review options after
  • Improvements to the reviews of habits, so you can see what other people experienced
  • Habits are now viewable by everyone, even free users. Pro is required to run experiments, but free members can skip the experiment stage and install up to 2 new habits.
  • New streaks and visualizations for your habits shown in the Life tab, along with the core habit that the rest stem from: opening Gyroscope daily.

For syncing and data:

  • New weather data! Our old provider (Dark Sky) was shut down so we had to rebuild weather, but it should be working now and shown in daily reports and trends. When you visit a new place, it will automatically check the weather at that location and store it! So you can see how things like temperature affect your steps and other parts of your life (from the trends page)
  • Improved syncing of workouts — recent iOS introduced some new workout types, and all of those have been implemented in the app now. That includes things like stretching or flexibility, as well as a wide variety of sports. In the Gyroscope watch app, you can also log custom workout types that go beyond that!
  • Improved syncing of sleep — now the app will load all the sleep stages like REM or Deep sleep (if classified) from Apple Health, and in the process fixed a few bugs where certain sleep segments were counted as sleep even though they were labeled “awake”
  • New option to add progress pics in the Fitness Coach chat

Superintelligence Beta:

Thanks to our early beta testers for providing feedback and constant bug reports! We have been making rapid improvements to the intelligence layer of Gyroscope, and testing new features to help our members live a healthier and happier life.

  • New custom workout programs with video guidance (currently in beta)
  • 9 new coach avatars and more customization options (currently in beta)
  • New custom roadmap and weekly insight system (now available for Coach members)
  • New quizzes available in the coach tab (available to all members for free)
  • New meditations available in the app (available to all members for free)