Continuing with our roadmap for the year, we have been making the app more streamlined and powerful for all our users. This includes new free benefits that help everyone with their mental health, as well as continuing to advance our coaching benefits using the latest advances in artificial intelligence.


The brain is at the core of human health, and we are continuing to improve our free suite of brain tracking products.

Now after measuring your mind state in the app (available for free at the top of the life tab), you can access a wide variety of meditations, mindfulness techniques and breathwork classes. These have been redesigned from scratch to help you easily find what you are looking for or discover new things to try.

Some highlights include:

  • try the morning coffee or gratitude meditations in the morning
  • new sleep and bedtime meditations to help go to sleep
  • new ways to manage stress like box breathing or stress meditations
  • new visualization and focus meditations for maximum productivity
  • advanced breathwork and other guidance


Now you can install lifelong habits from the growing library in Gyroscope Labs. Pro members can do weeklong experiments to see the effect a new habit has on their real metrics, using the Health Score and all the wearables. Now, even free members can participate in the fun.

Habits that are highly rated (above 4.5 stars by the community) and seem to work very well can skip the experiment requirement and be instantly installed. These highly rated habits can be installed by everyone for free!

This includes custom logging so you can track and measure any habit, even ones that are not currently detected by other wearables — for example taking certain supplements.


The life tab now features streaks of your habits.

The one core habit that is at the root of all these other benefits is opening Gyroscope daily. Without this, any insights or reports in the app will not be useful since you won’t be aware of them.

Opening the app each day to review your previous day’s report and the current day’s todo list will be an essential habit that will result in compounding benefits to your health and wellness, allowing you to be in control of your life and your routine.

You can more mindfully set your daily habits and lifelong habits.


Continuing from the popularity of our original free Longevity Test, we have added new quizzes in the coach tab to learn more about yourself…

Some are related to your personality and mindset:

  • All or Nothing thinking
  • Cognitive Biases Test
  • Enneagram Type
  • Myers Briggs Type
  • Attachment style
  • Love languages
  • ACE Test

While others are related to nutirtion and health

  • Are you insulin resistant?
  • How much protein do you need daily?
  • What’s in your fridge?

And many more are coming soon…

Let us know which quiz you found useful or if there is anything in particular you would like to see next.


We have been continuing testing and improving the new Gyroscope artificial intelligence system. Thanks to all our early beta testers who have been providing their feedback and sending in suggestions.

We’ve improved the accuracy, quality and speed of messages in the latest version.

  • Background generation of messages for less time waiting
  • Fixes for cut off messages
  • New notifications to easily open the chat
  • Making messages more tailored to your goals
  • Option to skip the intro or mute voices if you are out in public
  • Improvements to roadmaps and insights
  • And much more…

Now that we’ve made these improvements, new invites will be sent out for the beta soon. if you are intersted in being part of the fun, submit your application from the Coach tab!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Syncing more workout types from Apple Health including dancing, stretching and other sports that were introduced in the new iOS versions.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements
  • Please note the weather tracking feature is currently under maintenance