Introducing Bento

Hungry for more insights about your health?


One of the big benefits of Gyroscope is easy access to your history and being able to see everything in one place. If your data is split up across a dozen places, or in a difficult to reach place that you’ll never check, then it’ll probably of be of little use.

Once you do have your data — let’s say you’re tracking your steps or sleep or weight, which are all very popular and easy to track now — then there are some common questions…

What direction is it going? How do I improve it? Is what I’m doing working? Does this need more attention or have I figured it out? Even if a lot of data is stored, it can be quite challenging to actually see everything and answer these questions.

To help you easily answer these questions and always have your latest insights and trends at your fingertips (accessible within 5 seconds or less whenever you want to see something), we have redesigned the Health tab…

Get all your insights & trends neatly packed into bite-sized boxes

The new Bento Box feature gives you quick access to all of your health metrics and grades in one place! This is available in the Health tab below your grades, and you can open each section to see all your relevant insights and guides in one screen.


Quickly review all the parts of your health to see which ones are doing well or which ones need attention. This goes far beyond just looking at the data, which is an important first step but just the beginning. Then, you can also read detailed science guides to understand each metric, practice a one-month course of insights in the academy, or try out the top-rated habits from the Labs to make more proactive changes and take control of your trends.


The Trends here now match the powerful views on the web dashboard, showing your actual data (which often has a lot of ups and downs, which is normal but makes it hard to interpret) as well as the cleaned Gyroscope signal line to show your true meaning and direction. If you have targets set, you can also see those compared to your current average.


The human body really seems to desire and work well with consistency — exercise over a long period of time, or eating healthily over a long amount of time, or sleeping well every day. This is particularly challenging because our excitement can last a few days or maybe weeks, but generally not often the months or years or decades it needs.

This is not because people are lazy or unintelligent, but just how the brain usually works. However, with the right tools this counterproductive behavior can be patched! Seeing your trends and getting realtime feedback can help to stay on track even with a busy life.

This is where having data and a systemcan help bridge the gap… When you haven’t reached your goal yet (like having a six pack), you can still see from your trends and data that you are on track or that you’re 10% there perhaps, or doing all of the prerequisites.

A common question we get with grades and trends is about misunderstanding averages.

Averages are one simple and popular way to look at a data set, so they are often used to describe something in a simple sentence. However, there can be much more going on.

That is why looking at your actual trend can be useful…

For example, if you are averaging 8 hours of sleep per night this week.. is that good? Should that be an A or an F?

The answer is of course, that isn’t enough information…

If you slept 8 hours every night at a consistent time, then that’s probably great! But (a wild example but just to illustrate the point) if you only slept 2 hours every day during the week and then slept 23 hours on the weekends, then that would also be the same “8 hour average” but clearly much worse.

Time Machine

When you open a Bento box, you’ll also see a time selector at the top.

This defaults to a month (which is also the amount of time your health score and grades are generally looking at). This should show your general direction and recent changes, while having enough data for a meaningful trend.


These can be made shorter or longer depending on what you want to see, and change all of the opened trends.

For example you may want to just see your average weight or steps from the past week, or if you’ve only started recently and don’t have a whole year of history.

People who have been using Gyroscope for a long time can also zoom out to an entire year to see the big-picture view of how you’re doing. This is especially useful for things that are gradual to change, like bodyfat or resting heart rate.

This data is constantly changing and personalized for everyone, so you can now open the app yourself and see your own metrics.

The new Bento box feature is now available to everyone in the new V5.13 app update!