Happy New Year!

Welcome to the newest version of the Gyroscope app, now available in the App Store. We’re continuously simplifying the app, and making it more powerful to help manage your health.


Everyone is different, and so the app can adapt to match what you need.

There are now many ways to customize your app experience.

  • You can change the color between dark and light
  • Turn training wheels off for a more streamlined display, without text labels and with less helpers (only once you know where everything is)
  • Customize your default tab you see when you first open the app (some people may prefer reports to see all their raw data, others prefer the simplicity of Health or Life, while others may just be focused on Places or Food)
  • Turn on Tough Love setting for stricter grades

You can also hide tabs that you don’t use!

For example, if you’re not ready to track all your food you can hide the food tab entirely. If you’re not ready for coaching and want to just see your data, you can hide Coach. Or if you don’t want to track your Places, you can hide the Places tab…


Life is the starting point for the app and will guide you through the setup.

Once you set your goal, you’ll be able to go through the main guide and then see the highlights of your latest metrics.

Below you’ll see highlights of your current insight, free meditations, guides and much more.


You can read the guides or follow the Academy from here, or Pro members can also browse all the habits and start an experiment.


In this version we’ve added new guides that you will find useful for the new year.

The new guides include: A+ meals from Food XRAY, The Alcohol Guide, and The Creatine Guide.


You can also see which guides you have read already and when you last read them. Re-reading them at least monthly can be a good reminder of what to do and how things work, especially the topics you are working on actively.

Our most popular goals — losing bodyfat, gaining muscle or living longer — have more detailed strategy guides that you can read as well.


We hope you had a Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023.

If you were using Gyroscope last year, you will now be able to see your full 2022 Annual Report and browse everything that happened last year.



Members who have their Health Score set up and have enough data (you can see the accuracy of the signal strength at the bottom) will be able to use continuous monitoring to get a constant review of their data.

This is like a check engine light for your body. If an important change is detected, then you will see an alert and know that it needs more attention, or to take it in to the mechanic (doctor/coach/etc.) for further review.

Some of these can be normal or expected and are just something to be aware of — like being jetlagged while traveling — while others can be an important warning that something needs more attention, like having elevated stress levels or being in sleep debt, which can then be addressed proactively.


Once you have your Health Score, you’ll also be able to participate in Experiments! This is like an App Store for your body, where you can browse and install new habits.

If your Health Score is already around 70 or 80, and you are already doing all the basics like walking, sleeping, exercising — these evidence-based habits can get you to the next step and keep making improvements.



Whether you are working with a coach in Gyroscope or managing everything yourself, you can now set up all your daily targets in the Coach tab for a more precise plan of what to do each day.


This is especially useful for things like nutrition — where it is harder to have an intuitive sense of where you are without seeing the actual data — but even for things like planning your bedtime, sleep time, steps and more.

You can also specify your eating schedule by setting your fasting time and eating times, which will be highlighted in the timeline.

Members in Coach will also be able to request their human Data Review. This is a new feature where someone from the Gyroscope team does a deep dive into your data to provide insights and feedback.