V4.9 Update

New nutrition tracking options!

Everyone lives their life differently, now there are a variety of settings to accomodate this. For the people who are trying to understand their nutrition and want to track it in Gyroscope, now there are a variety of ways to log that.


All of the guidance and configuration is now available in the Metabolic Coach section of the coach tab, which will walk you through how to track your food (or turn it off if you don’t want to), the available analysis options, seeing your current streak, and more.


These settings will enable various reminders and adjust the behavior of the food button to take you to that specific option. The two recommended options are the food camera or daily upload.

Some people always have their phone with them, while others never do. Some people take photos of all their meals, while others are too shy to do this. Some people have internet access, while others may be off the grid for long periods. Other people may not want to track their food at all, not needing to or finding it too stressful and want to turn it off. Now you can try out the various approaches, or figure out which one appeals to you most and tell the app that is what you want to do.


If you have it set to food camera, the food shortcuts (at top of reports tab and bottom of coach tab) will take you straight to the camera. If you have it set to daily upload and are saving all the photos on your phone, then it will take you to the daily report instead.


The daily report will be the best way to see all the meals that have been added and fill in any missing gaps.

  • The best for data quality will be instantly photos of what you eat directly in the app. No risk of forgetting, and they will be uploaded as soon as possible
  • The most unobtrusive and luxurious way will be to take the photos on your phone and then upload them in batches every few days. Similar to Places, this is very asynchronous and can be done when you have free time. Best of all, with X they will be analyzed automatically. This will give you full food tracking with just a few seconds of work a day.
  • Now you can set up the app to know what you want to do, and then it will be easy to access from the big “Food” button at the top of your reports

Once you've added all your food, you will be able to see your eating and fasting windows in the daily report as well.


How to track fasting

  • If you’re interested in fasting, we highly recommend doing it under the supervision of a Gyroscope X coach rather than on your own.
  • In Gyroscope AI, you can also follow the ”Meal Timing” chapter in the academy to learn more about how it works and slowly ease into it.
  • New section in the Daily Report with your eating and fasting window calculations
  • Done automatically based on the timestamps of your food photos! Just by taking the photos, you are activating the automated fasting timer.
  • Analyze things as <10 calories to skip them (ie. coffee or water) — this lets you still capture what you had, especially caffeine levels, while still having accurate fasting times.
  • If you set it up to take photos, you’ll see a realtime count at the top. Otherwise, we won’t know if a gap in food is a fast or just a delay in uploading them.
  • You can retroactively add the photos to calculate it for each day and see an accurate history!

New transportation modes

  • New sports for the summer
  • Surfing, horseback riding, diving and surfing

Updated rewards for referring friends

  • Simplified the points structure and added new options
  • Get a Gyroscope T Shirt, gift card or even an Apple Watch!
  • With the new OS option, it is now cheaper than ever for others to join and start competing in the leaderboard with you
  • Accessible from the Friends tab

Customize your app experience

We recommend using all the tabs in the app, as they all serve an important purpose.

Now the Coach & Friend tabs can be hidden from the Customize page, if you wish to have a less guided or social experience.

You can also modify your app icon and other preferences from there.

Bug fixes & Improvements

The Google Fit steps sync was turned off for a while last month due to a new approval process, but that has been fixed now and steps should be syncing again from Google Fit if that is set to the primary steps source.