V4.8 Update


  • Important bug fix for Apple Watch app crash
  • New AI & OS membership options
  • New streaks for workouts & meditations
  • New Town Hall for Gyroscope X members
  • Improvements to workout cards design
  • Improved insights in Health Academy
  • Improvements to Coach tab features
  • Improvements to meditation & workouts
  • Improvements to breathwork in app
  • Improvements to food tracking

Stability & Performance improvements

In addition to making the app smarter and more insightful, we are always working on making the experience faster and smoother.

The Apple Watch app should be functioning properly again, fixing a crash from recent iOS changes.

Browsing the app should be faster in this update. The most relevant cards and reports are still always shown on the main reports screen, while everything else is a few taps away.

With the new navigation structure, data waits to load until the needed section is opened. For example, the Weekly goals are now in the Goals section of the coach tab and only shown once that is requested. This helps save your bandwidth as well as make the app load faster.

Improved Membership Options

We sent out a recent announcement of the new simplified Gyroscope lineup.

You can browse more about the features and prices on the Gyroscope website.


In short, OS is great for the people who just want simple Places and data tracking but don’t have much interest in their health or getting any coaching. We believe literally everyone needs a good coach, but this can be a good starting point to build up your baseline and get comfortable with the tracking.

X is for the people who have a health objective and are ready to invest in that. For a majority of people that includes getting to a healthy body composition or escaping the risks of prediabetes, but can include many other benefits like being more productive or adding muscle.

AI is for those who want the same Gyroscope X experience but aren’t able to pay the $150/months for the human team.

It is made much cheaper through automation. Instead of working with a human coach every week, you will get more automated guides to read and follow on your own, while still having access to a human coach in the chat to get set up, if you get stuck or have a question. While there is no substitute for having a human coach looking over your data and providing insights, Gyroscope AI is the next best thing.

New & improved Coach tab design!

This makes it a lot faster to load everything in the app. When you open each section then that data is loaded and shown with more detail — whether it is all your recent food history, your meditation stats, your goals for the week and year, or more.


For the most guided experience — especially if you aren’t an expert or feel like you understand every data point already — we recommend starting with the academy and making your way through the chapters to become an expert in each topic, and more importantly actually practice the habits.

Many people are mentally aware of sleep and how important a bedtime is, for example, but a majority of them (us included) haven’t actually made that a successful routine.


For those who don’t want structured coaching but just want to play with their data on their own, we have the Labs. If you are extra-motivated both can be done at the same time, but we recommend sticking to one or the other at a time so you can really focus on one topic.

If you aren’t ready for coaching right now(perhaps you’re on vacation and just want to relax) you can also hide the coach tab in settings from the Customize screen.

Improved meditations & mental coaching

You can do meditations in other apps and enter them from the + button or automatically sync them through Apple Health. This includes the built in Breathe app on the Apple Watch, or the meditation timer in the Gyroscope watch.

With Gyroscope AI or X, you can also do guided meditations directly in the app.


Those who have already tried meditation and are ready to go deeper can try the guided breathwork — and even join the live group sessions each week.

The Academy

Our new framework for health, life & everything we’ve learned so far. It includes guidance, insights and valuable structure.

With so many things going on in the app and in the world, it can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? What does it mean? Tools like the Health Score can help to find signal in all this noise, but now we’re introducing a new framework of the experience.

In Gyroscope X, the coach makes a fully personalized roadmap for each person. In AI, you can choose your own path a bit more from within well-planned parameters.


In this update, you can log your progress each day to see how you’re doing and then unlock the next insight.

Starting from the basics may feel too easy, but doing these small and simple things correctly (and understanding why) is truly the difference between success and failure — infinitely more than some trendy new device or finding a hidden correlation. Many of these things may be things you already knew or had heard of, but the important part is actually implementing it in your life.

Tracking all the data in Gyroscope was the initial point that enabled us to build the Academy and understand how all these things work. Now that it exists, the underlying data is still very powerful but not strictly necessary.

For example, all the good sleep habits can be done without having a sleep tracker — though being able to see your actual data and HRV is a useful tool to understand what is happening and make sure you are doing it correctly. Without one, you will have to just trust us and all the other members who came before. As another example, in the glucose chapter you can get 90% of the benefits and insights of wearing a continuous glucose monitor without needing one yourself.

Workout Sharing

We have been beta-testing a new portrait version of the workout sharing, but based on many people’s feedback it seems like the original square design was more popular.

In this update we have returned to the classic square design for viewing all your running, cycling and other workouts. Thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback and tested both versions.

Exercise can be tracked through many sources, whether from integrations like Strava, added directly in the app from the + button, from the Apple Watch, or even automatically detected in Places and converted into a workout.

Running & cycling is the most tricky one to track since it needs to include the GPS points, but other types can be very easily added later by just entering the start and end times.