V4.7 Update

This version introduces the new Gyroscope OS tier — which replaces the classic ”Pro” membership first launched in 2015.


OS provides the base layer of data, tracking, syncing and storage — the operating system for your body. It is ideal for people who just want to track all their data and see it themselves without wanting additional guidance, at an affordable price.

In addition to all the original trackers from Gyroscope (like Places, Mood and Apple Health sync), the OS membership adds new food tracking & analysis features to give people a complete picture of all their metrics that they can review themselves in the app or on the website.

Gyroscope AI and X are designed to add additional coaching & guidance on top of that data, with features like insights, experiments, support from real coaches, and the Health Score.

Members on the classic Pro plan will continue to have access to all the same features, plus the new food tracking from OS!

New food tracking!

Now you can take photos of everything you eat and analyze the nutrients all within Gyroscope, instead of needing to subscribe to other apps and then attempt to sync limited data through Apple Health.


The new food tracking & analysis is available on all levels, including OS (previously only AI).

  • Now you can easily edit or manually enter nutrients
  • New food database with better international options
  • Automatic fasting detection with low-calorie meals

The new food database provides much more detail, especially for international ingredients and dishes that may have previously been hard to find. Once you analyze a meal once, you can also reuse those nutrients the next time for much faster entry.

We will be adding more insights and analysis from that data soon, so now is a good time to start logging all your food in preparation.

Improvements to the coach tab

Whether you work with a mostly automated coach or a dedicated human expert, everyone needs someone watching over their health. The new Academy and Labs features will help guide you step by step for using all the features to improve your health.

Automated insights in the Academy (Gyroscope AI)


Now you can track your progress on an insight to keep your AI coach up to date on your progress and unlock the next one after a week of activity.

Members in Gyroscope X will get fully curated and personalized insights, while in AI it will follow the recommended that works well for most people.

New experiments & ratings in Labs (AI & X)


More experiments are now available in the Labs, and all the current ones now have thousands of reviews and ratings that have been posted.

Now you can read about other people’s experiences before deciding to do one yourself — and then post your own review at the end of the week to help everyone else in the community!

Remember, your data will be completely private but your final rating and review will be visible to others, as well as a reminder for yourself about whether to continue the habit.

Free features in the Coach tab

For members on OS or Pro who don’t want coaching but want to do things themselves, a simplified version is now available in the coach tab for a self-managed experience.

The two stress meditations are now available for free. More meditations & advanced breathwork are available in Gyroscope AI.
The two stress meditations are now available for free. More meditations & advanced breathwork are available in Gyroscope AI.
Members in OS or Pro can now analyze their food history from the Coach tab for nutrient analytics.
Members in OS or Pro can now analyze their food history from the Coach tab for nutrient analytics.

New features in the coach tab:

  • Two new meditations to manage stress
  • Try the core workout led by Coach Ollie
  • Start logging & analyzing all your meals

And if you don’t want any coaching or guides but just the basic data tracking, the coach tab or friends tab can be fully hidden from the Customize screen in settings!

Simplified mood tracking

Now streamlined to only 25 cards, so you can do it faster and more often.

Some of the other cards which were simple ways to log caffeine, alcohol, etc. have been moved out of the mood tracking now that there is dedicated food tracking to capture those.


Health Tab

New setup guide to make sure there is enough data for an accurate Health Score.


You can view your streaks and analytics from here as well, to make sure you have enough data and an accurate history in each category.

Not everything is required, but the more things you have the stronger the signal will become.


This version fixes some common bugs with the new workout story sharing.

  • Fixes for adding photos taken during workout
  • Fixes for sometimes missing map data
  • Improved cards design
  • Fixes for incorrect data

Now all of the elements are draggable and customizable, giving you much more control over the card as well as more space to work with.

The classic Square card is also still available (accessible through your daily or weekly reports) but may soon be replaced with this one.

Which one do you like better? Send us a message in the app!

Android App

All these features are also now available on Android!

Additionally, we found a common crash was being caused by an Android system bug with rendering webviews used for many of the graphs and reports.

This issue also affected other apps like Facebook and Amazon, but Gyroscope was especially affected since we use so many graphs in the interface.

Please update to the latest Android version & to Gyroscope 4.7 for all the new fixes!

Improved dashboard & details on the website

  • Updated homepage & product pages
  • New case studies published
  • New coaches available
  • Improvements to web dashboard

More details about the new features & product lineup are available on the website!