V4.5 Update

This update has a lot of improvements and new features to the analytics in the app, designed to help you better understand what is going on inside your brain and manage the stress that we are all facing.

We are also introducing a new completely free membership option with mood tracking for people to easily get started on Gyroscope and start seeing these important benefits.

Mood Meditation

Anyone can now install the app to start a mood meditation and measure their stress levels!

It is extremely valuable for everyone to understand how these change over time and create a feedback loop to better manage it. The other features in the app like workouts, meditation, breathing and coaching can all help with this.


The mood history will also be stored indefinitely without needing a subscription. Other data like places or steps still requires a membership to sync and store.

Improved mood analytics

In addition to the short-term benefits of being more aware of your mood through the tracking, measuring it consistently will unlock a lot of powerful analytics and graphs in the app.

These are especially useful because they don’t need any extra wearables, apps or devices — just your phone & your brain! However, adding other tracking like sleep, HRV, exercise or places will make that data even more understandable and actionable.

Better graphing of trends and analysis

Now you can select different time periods, to see the past month, few months or longer (for members who have been using Gyroscope for many months or years).

In addition to the graphs of how your stress, happiness and energy has changed over time, you can slice the stats by time of day or day of week to notice other patterns.

New reminder to get notifications in the day

The graphs and analytics will only be meaningful if you are tracking frequently enough to capture changes. Our recommended frequency for the best data is once a day. Now you can set up a reminder to do this which will take you straight to the mood input.

As you keep doing it, you will see what your current streak is. You can also tap any day to view it.


What’s new in V4.5?

Improvements to Reports tab

At the top of your reports tab, the important stats for the day are listed so you can see your current status and how it changes through the day. These are now labeled Today’s Stats to make it really clear what you are looking at.

These will update in realtime throughout the day and will be useful to check. Things that are missing or haven’t been done yet, like your workout or meditation, will be orange.


Tapping on each section will take you to the analytics and details for that section. For example, Mind will now take you to the mindfulness analysis & meditation coaching or tapping Mood will let you see your history and update the measurement.


Setting and viewing the goals in your feed is also improved.


Each Monday you can set up new goals for the week and those will show your progress as well as inform your daily goals for the day.


Improvements to Places rendering

Now shown with a larger timeline for the day directly in the feed. These give you a quick preview of the timeline for that day directly in the reports feed.


Tap any item to open the full report and make changes to the visits or travels.

Improved daily report page

Improved header and details shown on the daily report.


Use the tabs at the top to move between food, map, goals and other categories. The big left and right arrows at the top will let you easily flip between days while viewing that tab — whether you want to browse by places, maps, food, or the full daily report.

Guided Workouts

  • 2 new Primal Pump workouts led by Coach Ollie

Improved meditation experience

New streaks and analysis

Now you can see how many days in a row you’ve successfully done. Options for manual logging, logging with another app (like Headspace or Calm) and autosyncing through Health, or doing it directly in the app.


New guided meditations in app

The meditation coach feature is now available for everyone in AI and X. We have improved the meditations to be higher quality audio and run more reliably in the background without stopping.

Just put on your headphones, hit start, and then close your eyes to begin. At the end, the meditation will automatically be saved to your account so there’s nothing else you need to track.


They are organized by objectives for many common scenarios you may encounter:

  • If you are feeling stressed
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • If you want to fall asleep
  • To deal with food cravings
  • Are in the middle of a fast
  • Eating food mindfully
  • And much more...