V4.3 Update


Introducing an updated workout sharing design. Now it is vertical and fills up your screen, instead of being limited to a small square. This gives you more space and allows for easy posting to Instagram stories and other places.

Now you can customize the card and drag and drop specific elements to better tell your story. Options include the weather, the music you listened to, distance, and more.

It works best for running and cycling (since they will have map data) but works for all kinds of workouts that are tracked in Gyroscope, including the built-in workout videos. If you take a photo anytime during the workout, that photo will be selectable.

We have been testing this feature for a while, and it is now available to all users in the app!


New experiments and reviews added!


  • Improvements to workout videos
  • Workouts now save to your account at the end
  • Improvements to meditations in app
  • New breathwork meditation option

Bug Fixes

  • Monthly report views in Time Machine
  • Some fixes for opening notifications