V4.29 Update

Meditation of the Day

In your reports, you’ll see a recommended meditation to practice for the day.

Members in Gyroscope Score will be able to access the complete library of meditation and breathwork to repeat them whenever you would like.

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Expanded Health Cards

Adding a 10th category, so you can see everything about yourself in one place in the Health tab.

The Life section includes important aspects of your life that are not as related to your physical health, but still important to track and understand. This includes your places, travels, journal notes, photos and more, allowing you to capture all the details of your life.

Updates to the Health Score grading

Score members will see 4 letter grades (if enough data is tracked), while members in XRAY will have an additional meals grade.


Members on the base Track membership will see a preview of the grades and have the option to join Score for the full analysis.

Updated fasting timer design

If you are adding photos of your food in the app, that automatically captures the eating and fasting times using the sensors in your phone (camera and clock).


Now the reports include a larger and more intuitive fasting timer, so you can see how long it has been since your last meal — as well as your estimated fuel sources as you progress from being powered mostly by glucose and glycogen, to ketones and fat burning from a longer fast, as well as increased autophagy.

Improvements to the Health Academy

The Academy is your place to learn all the science of the body, as well as put them into play with simple but powerful insights. We have added more science guides to all the chapters of the Academy, and improved the interface so you can smoothly go through each section and see what is coming up next.

Apply for Coaching

Gyroscope Score gives everyone access to their own AI health coach, transforming your health and understanding of your body. For those who want even more guidance, accountability and personalization, we have Gyroscope Coach which adds a human coach to the mix.

Our coaches have limited availability, so there is an application process that is now available in the app. Once you fill out your details, we will review your account and data and see if adding a human coach would be a good fit for your goals.