V4.22 Update

Many bug fixes and performance improvements in this version!

Some people have reported the app as crashing after switching to a new phone.

The iPhone’s restore system may not always transfer over your complete state properly, so if that happens deleting and reinstalling the app cleanly should fix it. Certain things like Apple Health permissions, notifications, or location access do not always get transferred over in a full restore, and so they may need to be re-enabled to work.


Reports Tab

  • Improved display of fasting in the header

Meditation & weight analytics

  • All the recent items are now listed and can be deleted easily

Meal Page

  • Improved analysis, adding and detail views
  • Prevent accidentally closing, only DONE button closes now
  • Larger sized box when viewing details
  • Improved grading for XRAY


  • Fixed bug with the competition screen not loading for certain accounts