V4.2 Update

There are now two main ways to improve your health in the app — you can follow the guided roadmap to start from the basics, or do individual experiments.

These new coaching features (available in the Coach tab) bring together all the various tracking and analytics to see meaningful improvements in your health, teaching you more about how your body works along the way.

Our recommendation is to follow the roadmap and go through the curated sections first, and you will be guided through various experiments along the way. If you already know what you want to try to improve, you can jump straight to those Labs and start seeing improvements.

If you have any questions about which one to start with or need help along the way, just send us a message in the support chat!


  • Latest insight at top of Coach tab
  • New content for timing, workouts & breathwork chapters

Health Labs

  • New experiments to stay focused
  • New experiments to lose bodyfat
  • 150 new reviews posted
Choose your health roadmap
Choose your health roadmap
Select an experiment in the Labs
Select an experiment in the Labs

Changes to Reports tab

  • New buttons across top with easy access to main pages (All members)
  • New workout sharing options (Gyroscope X)

Changes to Coach tab

  • New "Primal Pump" workout led by Coach Ollie (AI, X)
  • Improvements to the Stress meditation (AI, X)

Changes to the chat

  • Improved chat interface for faster message sending
  • Fixes for unread messages badge clearing
  • Latest progress of your Labs and Roadmaps also shown in chat

Changes to settings

  • Notifications screen now re-configures notifications
    • This can be useful if you got a new phone and now need to re-set it up. Simply opening the notifications settings in app should request access without needing a full reinstall of the app
  • See which plan you are on and what the differences are
    • We now have three products levels: Pro, AI and X.
    • Gyroscope X is our recommended experience, while Gyroscope AI makes those benefits cheaper for those who can't afford a human coach
    • In the app settings, you can see the features included in each and which one you are currently subscribed to. Subscriptions can be started in both the iPhone app (through App Store) or on our website. The features and access you get are the same in either case and extend across all platforms, but just influences where it can be managed and how you are charged.

New Beta Features

Currently available for testing in Gyroscope X

We are testing a new vertical version of the workout sharing, that replaces the older square card format and gives more control over the design.

Since these are commonly posted on Instagram stories, we have updated the size to fit well in your stories. It works well with any kind of workout, but running and cycling will have the most details due to the GPS data.

Try it out and tag us "@gyroscope_app" or send a message to concierge with your feedback.