V4.11 Update

Improved Analytics

  • Improved Trends display on the website and in app
  • Quick access to analytics for each section from the header!
  • Expand each section for more details in the Health Tab

Food Tracking

  • New modal with all the options in one spot — just tap Food in header
  • Now your setting just controls the shortcut, but all methods can be used together. This could mean doing the camera most of the time, photos in a low light or group situation, and then a batch upload if you ever fall behind... The shortcut you select will be shown as a big icon on your reports tab for one-click access.


  • New “Morning” meditation in coach tab to help get your day started
  • Improved meditation history display in reports tab & chat

Free Basics

  • Everyone can now track their mood, meditation and fasting times in app for free. This makes it easy to refer friends to the app and get them started without having to pay upfront.
  • Other metrics and automatic syncing still require a membership.

Metabolic Coach

  • Improved micronutrient breakdown for AI members
  • Improved grading and feedback on meals X members

Web Chat

  • X members can talk to their coach and concierge team on the web dashboard the same way as in the app

Refer your friends

  • New Give 50/Get 50 referral program to invite people to X
  • Improved rewards for referring app users from Friends tab

Other improvements

  • Apple Watch fix for mood tracking on watch
  • Fixes for unread chat status (more reliably setting to zero when the chat is opened rather than sometimes needing a refresh or reopen)
  • Fixes for immune warning (only shows when Tough Love setting is on, and only when you have accurate heart data measured at night)