V4.10 Update


Making everything faster

We have made significant performance and rendering improvements, so all the pages in the app should be even faster and smoother to navigate.

The daily reports have larger buttons at the top, letting you quickly flip through days and go through your older history. From the daily report, you can easily access all the data logged for that day — including Places, workouts, food, and more.

Shortcuts to the most commonly used features in your history are now at the top of the reports tab as well, including the last few days of reports and your Places timeline.


Health Score Signal Strength

The Health Score is a powerful feature, but only as accurate as the data that it has to work with. Now in the Health Tab you can see an overview of your data sources and how they add up.

Sometimes you may have gaps in data or stop tracking something, which can result in a loss of signal. Now you can see exactly how much coverage you have. It doesn’t need to be at 100%, but the higher it is the more seriously you can take the number. If your signal strength is very low, then your Health Score may not be as actionable.


We recommend wearing your heart rate monitor at night for the best results, since the resting heart rate and HRV measurements are some of the most important parts of the score.

This visualization helps give you a big picture view of how Gyroscope works and what data sources you currently have set up. You can also tap on each item to view more details and trends.

Improved analytics in the app!

You can get to your analytics from the buttons in the header of your Reports tab, or from the various sections in the Health Tab.

In this update, we’ve improved and standardized the analytics pages for all the sections of your health. Each page will shows the recent trends, with options to view just the last few months or an entire year of history. You can also view these trends online to get a bigger picture view and see how they correlate with each other.


The data and trends tab in each section will show your latest data, help you make sure everything is tracking correctly, and see what direction your stats are going.

From all this data, there are a few common questions: is this good? and what should I do?

That is what the Insights & Coach tabs are designed for.

The Insights tab will show more interpretations of what the data means — with tools like your Health Score, grades, and other automated analysis.

It is likely you are not in perfect ranges for everything yet. That is ok — no one is. Fortunately, there are known ways to manage and improve all these things. The Coach tab provides more guidance and coaching on how to manage each part of your health, with tools like health experiments, guides in the academy, and more!

New fasting timer

Now available for everyone in the app! Just take photos of your food and the fasting times will be automatically shown in your daily report.

If you want to use it, you can turn on the food camera option in the nutrition settings.


To enable the daily fasting timer, select the food camera option.

This means that you are planning to take photos of each meal before eating. This captures the exact meal and time that you ate.

It is a bit of a commitment, but it lets us know that gaps in food are actually fasting time and not just missing data.


To end your fast, just take a photo of the first food you start eating!


From the food button you will see an overview of your meals as well as your current streak. Meals that are fasting (ie. drinking water or black coffee) will be small purple dots, while full eating will be shown as brighter circles.

Meals that are not yet identified will be highlighted as yellow, and days that are missing data will be circled in red so you see what’s missing or fill in any remaining gaps.

Fasting times will be shown in the Daily Report for each day that has food photos.


Food that didn’t have calories can also be counted as fasting (ie. coffee). If you didn’t get a photo or need to adjust the times, now the times can be changed for each food item to ensure data is logged as exactly the correct time. Getting a photo is recommended since that is a foolproof way to log the time you ate something, but if you missed a photo you can always just enter in some text and get the same results.

Don’t want to track your food?

If you don’t want to track your food, you can also turn it off to hide that feature entirely!

One of the main challenges with food tracking is that it requires complete coverage. With the fasting timer, even if you are missing some details as long as you get your first and last meal the times will be accurate.

If you find yourself not enjoying food logging, then you can turn off the food tracking altogether and focus on other things for a while. The button will be hidden from the header and you won’t be reminded to track food. You can always turn it on again later from Health Tab > Nutrition.

Improved Meal Page

The food screen has now been simplified, and supports light & dark modes.

You can get to your meals from many places, including the Daily Report and from the food analytics page.

New ways to analyze your food

We recommend using the XRay feature in Gyroscope X to have an expert do the food analysis for you.

However, now you can also do it yourself in app with a simplified interface!


If you used a different app to measure your food (ie. myfitnesspal), you can also use the edit button to directly enter those macros!

However, we recommend using the search within the app for the highest accuracy since that tracks all the micronutrients and not just calories, enabling more advanced insights and higher data quality.


New food insights & coaching

Part of the Gyroscope X experience — now each meal will show additional insights from your coaching & nutrition team, including the detailed micronutrients that were detected and our interpretation of the nutrient quality.

You can see this at the bottom of each meal that has been analyzed, as well as the daily report for each day.


We often think in terms of ”healthy” or not, but in reality nutrition is much more nuanced. The metabolic coach includes details on energy balance, how processed the meal is, the density of vitamins and minerals, and many other factors.

Improvements to the website

The web dashboard has also been simplified and improved to better match the app experience.