V4.1 Update

Your New Health Roadmap

Health is complex, but we have broken it down into a simple process where you can focus on one thing at a time, and learn along the way how everything works.

Once you start a chapter, you’ll get a new actionable insight every week that guide you through it using all the tools and trackers in the app. We have been testing this format for a few years in Gyroscope X and it works really well, fitting in your health alongside all the other things you need to do in a week.

In Gyroscope X, you’ll get a handmade roadmap from your coach based on your exact goals, while in Gyroscope AI you can use the recommended roadmap that works best for most people.


Select your coach

In Gyroscope V4, we have three different membership levels.

Pro No coach, just the data and reports Gyroscope AI Automated coach with guides in app Gyroscope X Human coach for more accountability

If you can afford it, there is no substitute for working with a human coach and seeing all your nutrition history automatically analyzed in Gyroscope X.

For everyone else, we recommend the new Gyroscope AI option for access to a simplified version of the coaching and insights that we’ve discovered in X.


How to log your food

The most important part of health is likely nutrition.

Our original plan was to let other apps do this and just sync the data, but unfortunately no one else has done this sufficiently. Most of the industry went in the wrong direction, focusing on counting calories, and so the first step in Gyroscope X was to build food tracking and nutrition coaching based on the latest science.

Now you can enter your nutrition data in the app yourself (or automatically in X), and also see the effects on your blood sugar after eating (with Dexcom integration).


After you take photos of everything, you’ll see a new queue of unidentified food that needs to be analyzed in the coach tab.



Track your fasting and eating windows by taking photos of meals whenever you eat.


Analyze your food with our food database in the app to see your trends and insights.


Automatic analysis of your food powered by a team of expert nutritionists.

Improved ways to manage stress


  • New meditation for fasting and food cravings
  • New meditation for 10 minute breathwork intro


If you haven’t yet, we suggest attending one of the weekly breathwork classes led by our meditation coach Nia.

Members in X can also start with a one-on-one training, available in the app, before continuing to the group sessions.

Workouts in the app

  • New core workout added to app

New Experiments

Previously only for Gyroscope X, the Health Labs is now also included in the Gyroscope AI membership.

  • New experiments added in the Lose Bodyfat and Improved Focus categories
  • New reviews posted on existing experiments, so you can browse how other people liked it before deciding to try it yourself


One more thing


Without a clean planet and breathable air, any improvements we make on your longevity will have little benefit. Now in addition to making your body healthier, you will be contributing to make our planet healthier as well. 1% of your Gyroscope membership through Stripe will now help to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


What’s the difference between Pro and AI?

Gyroscope AI is a guided coaching experience (similar to Gyroscope X, but without the human coach) while Gyroscope Pro is for health professionals who want the data tracking and storage without additional guidance or coaching.

More specifically, AI adds a few powerful features to help improve your health:

  • Health experiments in the Labs
  • Your guided health roadmap
  • Track and analyze your food in the app
  • Manage stress with meditations & breathwork
  • Premium support with in-app concierge
  • Workout programs in the app

How does the food tracking work?

There are two simple ways to log your food:

  • Take photos of everything in the app as you eat it
  • Take photos in your phone camera and upload them later