V3.50 Update

V3.50 has an important bug fix for an issue with showing a blank screen. Please update from the App Store if you haven’t already.

Reports tab is now the start

The daily reports are the most frequently changing, so those are now shown as the default tab for everyone. It used to take a long time to load the reports (5-10 seconds sometimes) but now we’ve made it pretty much instant, so you can get into the app and start scrolling without waiting.

The most commonly used features are now big buttons at the top — Daily Reports, Places, Mood, Food. You can scroll down to see everything that happened in recent days.


As you keep collecting data, more reports and intelligence will appear, so we recommend you check the reports every day.

(The common features can also be quickly accessed without opening the app, from the 3D press menu)



We have made everything load much faster, so now seeing your data for today when you first open the app should be instantaneous. Paging through the daily reports should also be really quick.

Note that syncing new data from devices can still take some time, so you may need to pull to refresh or wait a few minutes and come back to see your latest steps, computer activity, sleep, etc.

Daily Report

The navigation on Daily Report is also improved, with the tabs and navigation all at the top.


The default is the Summary view with the classic Helix report, but you can also flip through other views of the data like the Places timeline or viewing meals.

The < and > buttons are also bigger, so you can easily tap them to quickly flip through days in your history.

Health Score Setup

Now you need at least 3 days of data to turn on the Health Score calculation. When you get started, the Health tab will guide you through the setup and remind you about what you need to do for an accurate score!

Gyroscope X

Meditation and breathwork is a big part of the stress management in Gyroscope X.

We have made some improvements to the in-app meditations. Now they will continue playing in background even if you lock your phone so you can put on your headphones and keep listening.

Data Improvements

iOS 14 has some new bugs around resting heart rate being much higher than it used to be.

Now your sleep scores will automatically calculate a corrected resting heart rate value based on the raw heart rate and sleep data. This happens automatically when you use the app, and there’s nothing you need to do.

We also fixed some issues in the Android app where the travels weren’t reliably being calculated in between visits. Those should now show automatically in the app for new days, and viewing the daily report will fill in any missing data as well.

Android Improvements

We have improved the tracking and syncing on Android.

  • Fixes for Places tracking
  • Fixes for travels between Places
  • Getting heart rate from Google Fit
  • Fixes for crashes in the app

Website Improvements

The dashboard on the website has been improved to feature your latest data and make it faster to get around.

The navigation now matches the one in the app, with easy navigation between Health Score, Reports, Friends and other features.