V3.45 Update

Everything should load faster

As we scaled up over the years, certain things started to slow down. A few weeks ago, we made some major structural changes to how data is stored and cleaned up all the parts that were going slowly.

Now that Gyroscope requires a membership and data isn’t synced or stored otherwise, we’ve been able to ensure all our resources are going towards the people who are paying for the app. In many cases this has resulted in making requests 10x-100x faster than they used to be.


You should notice that some pages that may have taken a while to load previously are now pretty much instant!

This applies especially to your reports feed and the daily reports. Navigating across different days should be nearly instant and make it a lot more fun to open your history and navigate through the app.

Note that a membership is required at all times now to store your data. Inactive accounts will be automatically removed after 60 days.

Updated website with more guides

All the different trackers and analytics you get are now listed on the site, so you can review everything you have access to and get inspiration for how to use


Browse the new homepage and all the different trackers and case studies. We will also be publishing more guides and tutorials soon, including more of the science, coaching and advanced devices we are using in X.


New resting heart rate algorithm

iOS14 broke a lot of things, including how resting heart rate is calculated from the Apple Watch. The new values use daytime data and can end up being higher by 10 or even 20 points than earlier resting heart rate.

This will of course mess with your trends, sleep score and health score, since normally such a jump in resting heart rate is a bad sign.

We’ve added some fixes for this, calculating RHR from our own raw data now.

To use this, simply open your daily report for the day and a new resting heart rate will be calculated and saved if needed. Afterwards, your sleep score for that day should be accurate.

A simple way to do this is to check your daily report each day when you wake up, which is an important habit anyways. You can also easily flip back through your older history through the arrows at the top of the report as well as the Time Machine.

Garmin Fixes

Garmin also broke their sleep tracking in iOS14. With Garmin, REM sleep was being reported as awake time so the total sleep duration in Apple Health was way off.

We added a patch for this a few weeks ago as well, so the sleep times should now be correct despite using a Garmin device.

We are now detecting this in the sleep score algorithm and intelligently filling in the gaps as sleep. No special behavior should be needed from you.

Other Bug Fixes

There were some iOS14 bugs that were resulting in steps sometimes stopping syncing. This should be fixed in the latest version.

Right now it is especially important to always update to the latest app version and latest iOS version to make sure you're not behind on critical bug fixes.

The latest update also fixes some issues with videos displaying strangely, and potential gaps in steps and other data syncing.

Heart rate from Google

We have expanded our Google Fit sync to include heart rate in addition to steps!

Apple Watch is still our recommendation, but this expands the alternate sources of heart rate data on Android to include:

  • Google Fit
  • Samsung Health
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin

Combined with our new resting heart rate algorithm, this should give you a great history of your resting heart rate over time and make your Health Score much more meaningful.

Android Fixes

The latest Android app also has a lot of bug fixes, including improvements to time selector, adding new items, food upload and things affected by Android X.

Daily Report

Improvements to daily report navigation. Time Machine button is in the top right so you can easily get older pages and history.

Glucose Tracking

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about blood sugar lately.

You can track your food in the app and enter your blood sugar after each meal.


The entry can be done manually for best accuracy — with a fingerprick blood monitor (like Precision Xtra, Keto Mojo, or dozens of other ones) — or with an continuous monitor in your arm — like the bluetooth-enabled Dexcom G6 (which is more convenient but also much more expensive).

We will be publishing a guide soon on the pros and cons of the different methods and all the best practices we have found so far.

If you don’t have a ketone or glucose monitor and want to get started with the best ones and a coach, you can join Gyroscope X+ to get the entire package of recommended devices (US only).

Gyroscope X

You can now upgrade to Gyroscope X on the website. Plans start at $99/month and include everything you need, including food tracking and coaching.