V3.37 Update

Improved daily reports

Updated Trends View

The trends screen has now been streamlined with some new categories, and going to a more complete analytics page for the seconds that more details to explore (like Running).

However, the trends that are viewed in the app are a much smaller and simpler version than the full dashboard available on the website, where you can see 10-20 graphs on the same screen.

New Heart Rate algorithms

What is resting heart rate? It's similar to your lowest heart rate, though not exactly. There isn’t a precise definition, so everyone can calculate it a bit differently. It's generally counted as an average of your heart rate while asleep.

Apple recently seems to have broken their resting heart rate calculations in iOS14 — or at least they are all ending up about 10+ bpm higher than they used to be. It seems they are now merging the entire day’s measurements rather than looking while asleep, so comparisons to previous sleep have caused people’s sleep scores to drop significantly.

We have added some fixes for this, calculating the resting heart rate ourselves for more accurate numbers and sleep score. This is currently calculated when you view a daily report. Opening the daily report each morning to review your stats is now more important than ever.

We have also fixed some issues with Garmin not saving REM sleep, and causing people's sleep durations to be far off from correct.


  • Fixed issues where some people wouldn't always get notifications
  • Fixed issues with incorrect food reminder notifications sometimes sending
  • The badge number does not go up for each daily report now
  • Badge number only used on important requests now

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues with registration and upgrades