V3.36 Update

Now with simpler navigation & better reporting!

New daily report design

There is a lot of data automatically tracked for each day — including your steps, your places, sleep, computer, music, and much more.


All of these show on your Daily Report. Now we've simplified the navigation to focus on each section — the entire overview of day, Places timeline, fullscreen Places map, food photos or daily goals.

You can easily navigate between days from the top of the screen.

Food tracking in the daily report

If you are tracking your blood sugar, ketones or food in Gyroscope, those are also featured more prominently in the report so you can get a complete picture of what happened that day.


You can enable food photos in settings to start posting photos of your food. For blood sugar tracking, we recommend the Precision Xtra (with glucose & ketones) or the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor for more convenient but slightly less accurate monitoring.

If you use Apple Health to track your calories (via myfitnesspal or other manual logging apps), those can be synced and shown in the daily report as well. However, we recommend using the food photos since that is generally easier, much more actionable, and more useful to see than calorie counts.

Health Tab


Shortcut buttons at the bottom have been improved to go to the most used features. You can easily open today and yesterday’s reports, view your Places timeline, or quickly log your mood and food.

Improved Reports


We’ve made some improvements to the cards shown in the reports feed.

Scroll down to see more reports, as well as a link to Time Machine at the top, which will let you quickly open any day, week, month or year from your history!

New 3D Press Menu


For quick access to the most used features in the app, you can also use the new 3D press menu — Now available in V3.36!

Free breathwork in September

One of our most popular features in Gyroscope X, we’re opening this up to all app members for the month of September. You won’t want to miss this great way to improve your blood oxygen levels and HRV.

Send us an email to concierge@gyrosco.pe if you would like to attend, and we will send you an invite to the next one!

Improvements to Gyroscope X

  • New in-app meditations for stress & eating
  • New breathwork calendar for joining live sessions
  • New coach profiles
  • Improved X tab interface

Bug fixes and improvements


All sleep can be edited by tapping on it from the Daily Report.

You can delete ones that seem wrong, but also now extend or shorten ones in case the supplied time was incorrect.

If resting heart rate was not supplied from Apple Health, opening the daily report for that day will also re-calculate the resting heart rate from available data. After that, it can be used in the sleep scores, shown in the graphs, etc. so we highly recommend checking yesterday's report each morning.


Not all the notifications (like daily report) were going out consistently, but that should be fixed now. Notifications received can be customized in settings.

Blood Sugar & Ketones

Blood glucose data now displays better on the daily report alongside your food, especially if you have a continuous glucose monitor. They are also shown on the website in Helix reports for each day.


The Places interface has been improved, with easier back buttons and navigation. Now the original Places timeline can be opened in the Daily Report and also from the shortcut at bottom of the Health tab.

If there were unidentified places, those will be listed in the reports feed and tapping on that day will take you directly to the places that need identification.