V3.34 Update

We've made some big improvements to the app interface, making it faster and easier to see your latest data and get valuable health insights. The app is now split into two simple sections: your health, and your reports. The friends tab is optional for those who are interested in the social features, but can also be hidden in settings if you just want to use the app alone.


The Health Tab (now shows first when you open the app) has been streamlined to show more data, with your grades and Health Score easily accessible at the top. If you review just one thing each day, your Health Score should be it. It analyzes everything else for you and highlights what has been changing in a simple sentence.

You’ll also see all your grades side by side, and be able to notice which ones are good or need more attention. They're calculated from the last few months of data, so just one day of exercise won't turn an F into an A, while a few days of bad sleep won't destroy your sleep grade either. However, consistent effort each day will start to quickly have a measurable impact.

Some of the most common destinations are easily accessible from the bottom now.


Recent data is generally the most important, so you can easily open today and yesterday’s daily report from these buttons, or use the Time Machine to open any older reports — going back many years. The two most important manually input data points — mood and food — can also be entered from here. Everything else can generally be detected automatically. As you scroll down, these shortcuts will move out of your way so you can review all the details for your grades in each category.


You'll also be able to access your latest analytics pages, letting you go into more details about each grade and make sure the underlying data was correctly tracked, and for inspiration about how to improve them or keep them consistently high.

More detailed Analytics

Are you more stressed than earlier? Have your energy levels been improving? How consistently are you working out? When did you last do push ups? What is your longest workout streak?

Which day of the week do you exercise most? Are you doing too much cardio and not enough resistance training? Do you need to sleep more? Has your HRV gone up since you started sleeping more?

These are just some of the many questions you can now answer by browsing your analytics.


The New Reports Tab

After almost a year of testing and lots of great feedback, we've finally completed the rollout of the new reports tab design. This version greatly simplifies the app, making all of the data much more powerful and insightful, with actionable suggestions and prompts rather than just displaying raw data.

The instructions are quite simple: just scroll down to see more things, and tap on something whenever you want to see more information.

These new improvements also make the app much faster — since now all the specific details that are in the daily report (like thousands of heart rates, blood sugar readings, music history, etc.) are not loaded until needed for a daily report, rather than immediately on app open.

There is a new introductory tour at the beginning to show where everything is, and guide you to what all can be tapped to open reports.

  • Your current place and today's stats are shown upfront at the top
  • All the items in the header can be tapped to view more details
  • Each day's entire report can be viewed by tapping the heading
  • Goals, insights, sleep scores and other reporting is in the feed below
  • Open the time machine to go back even further than what is shown

The header shows your latest or total data for the day. Things that are missing or need attention will be highlighted orange — not having logged any exercise or meditation yet, in this example. You can take whichever strategy you'd like, but generally finding balance across all of these gives the best results.


Our recommendation is to open the app a few times during the day to review how these are changing — in the morning, after exercise, and in the evening to review.

Each morning, you’ll see your sleep score for the previous night to help you decide what to do for the day, especially considering if you need more rest or if you are well recovered for your next workout.

Once your weekly goals have been set up, they will also be made into a simple checklist to guide you through your day. These goals can be big, but split up into small items for each day they will be manageable. Just try to go through the list and see which one you can make progress on in the next hour, and try to get started on that.

Get an overview of the day and see what’s missing
Get an overview of the day and see what’s missing
New sleep scores will be added each morning!
New sleep scores will be added each morning!

As you go through your day and log various activities — whether a workout, travel or even just spending time on your computer — they will automatically show in the feed for the day and update your progress on the goals until everything has been checked off. You'll also see how you're doing for the week's overall goals.


At the end of the day, or the next morning, you can open the daily report to see everything that was tracked and how it all fits together. This is generally the most magical part of Gyroscope, since almost everything is automatic. By the end of a long day, you may have already forgotten what happened but here you can easily review it and remember.


In this version, we've also improved the display of food history from Gyroscope X, as well as blood sugar data to see a better view of your metabolic health.

Though most screens have a back button in the top left corner, you don’t need to use it to go back. You can navigate through the app much faster with gestures — just like in most apps and all through iOS, you can swipe from the edge of the screen towards the right to navigate back.

Nutrition Tracking

Now everyone can use the app to take photos of their food and track their history with a visual food diary. Through the Gyroscope X program, you can also start to access an automatic analysis and recommendations based on those photos.

If losing bodyfat or optimizing your blood sugar levels is one of your goals, then X is an essential new tool that will help you get there. We recently published some new case studies on the website with the science of how it works.

Bug fixes

We've fixed most of the commonly reported bugs in this update. Thanks to everyone who has been sending in detailed bug reports and screenshots.

  • Fixes for showing metric units for travels
  • Fixes for adding mood from the + screen
  • Improved batch food upload for older data entry
  • Accurate totals for napping and overlapping sleep data
  • Faster loading of mood screen, instantly start swiping
  • Tapping notifications reliably opens correct screen
  • Dark mode text input colors in various places
  • Dark mode daily reports in Time Machine