V3.33 Update

New workout analytics

Though most gyms are closed, exercising is still important for your body. There are many great at-home workouts you can do to make sure you still get the necessary resistance training. Walking, running or cycling outdoors can be good options as well.

You can now access detailed workout analysis for the last 90 days. See your longest and current streaks, which day of the week you most work out on, what variety of exercises you do, and more. It starts with a view of all workouts, and then you can go deeper into each category — to see the details for all your running or yoga specifically, for example.

The new workout analytics can be accessed by tapping on the exercise grade in the Health tab, as well as at the top of your daily reports. The analytics for other sections like sleep, steps and cortisol have also been updated with more information.



Cortisol Reporting

Now you can log your mood directly from the start screen! We suggest doing this 1-2 times a day for the best awareness of your health, as well as to make your Health Score as accurate as possible.

All of that data also shows in the new Mood Analytics screen, so you can get a high-level overview of how that data is changing. Try to keep up a streak for a few weeks in a row for an accurate graph. Mood data is completely private, but you can send others screenshots of the report if you wish to share.


Improved Reports Tab

Places is moved to the top for easy access

See today's stats and view analytics for each section in header

If you are still on the old "Simple" or "Helix" themes, you will want to switch to the new view now as those will be going away in the next update.


New and improved food tracking

Now you can take a photo of your meal directly in the app with new food camera option. Tracking mood is also front and center from the start, making it easy to do both of those during the day.


Other Improvements

• Improved opening the app from a notification. Now it should always take you to the intended screen that the notification links to, reducing the need for any manual navigation.

• The new reports feed view now has an intro tour that shows where everything is when you first open it, highlighting the different features and how to open the daily report.

• Streamlined + button in corner to show more entry options for common data types.

Gyroscope Places Accuracy

If you're on iOS 13 and seeing some accuracy issues, here are some steps to take:

  • Update to the latest iOS version (13.6 right now)
  • Update to latest app version from App Store (V3.33)
  • Restart your phone and then reopen the app
  • Make sure Places is set to to extreme accuracy in settings
  • Wait a few hours and see if the current visit location becomes accurate
  • If you still see issues, you may want to delete & reinstall the app

These steps seem to fix it for most people. If you have reinstalled and are already on the latest versions and are still having issues, please contact us!

Gyroscope X

Gyroscope X has a waitlist to join, but we are sending out more invites soon to the people who register at GyroscopeX.com

  • 3 new coaches available
  • New case studies published
  • Camera to send photos and videos to coach
  • Can now add photos into chat
  • Faster and more accurate analysis of food
  • Improved calendar to join group sessions
  • Batch upload button for food history

Install the latest version from the App Store!

Just search for “Gyroscope”