V3.31 Update

Improvements to reports

We're continuing simplifying the app and moving all the reports and timelines into the new feed.

  • Places can now be accessed from the top of the header
  • The classic daily reports can be accessed by tapping on the header for each day

Places improvements

Recent bugs introduced in iOS 13.4 have affected location tracking accuracy for some people. This could manifest as incorrect visits that are a few thousand meters away from the correct location. We've now patched this in the app, but data from previous days may still be affected.

This new version should restore our signature Places tracking to its old glory, and keep your visits in the correct spot from now on.

If you're on an iOS update that is affected by this location accuracy bug, here are some steps to take:

  • Update to the latest iOS version (13.5.1 right now)
  • Update to latest app version from App Store (V3.31)
  • Restart your phone and then reopen the app
  • Make sure Places is set to to extreme accuracy in settings
  • Wait a few hours and see if the current visit location is accurate
  • If you still see issues, you may need to delete & reinstall the app

These steps seem to fix it for 90% of people, but some people may still be affected and have lower quality reporting. If you still see issues with the Places tracking after reinstalling, please send us your latest locations database from your phone so we can investigate further.

Sending locations to debug

Other changes

  • New custom icons in settings
  • Fixed issue with restoring subscriptions
  • Streamlined food upload screen
  • Improved Gyroscope X features