V3.30 Update

Places improvements

Recent changes in the iOS 13 updates from past month affected location tracking accuracy that we were previously relying on. This could manifest as incorrect visits or travels showing while actually staying in one place.

This new version should restore our signature Places tracking to its old glory, and keep your visits in the correct spot from now on, even if you are staying home for many days.

Special thanks to all the beta testers who helped us diagnose and fix this issue!

Update to the latest version from the App Store as soon as possible to ensure your tracking continues to work extremely accurately.

If you've switched to an iOS version that is having issues with location accuracy, here are some steps to take:

  • Update to the latest iOS update
  • Update to latest app version from App Store
  • Restart your phone
  • Wait a day and see if the new travels are accurate
  • If you still see issues, you may want to reinstall the app

Computer analytics

New analytics screen to check your aggregate computer stats, especially which apps you've been spending the most time in for the past month. This lets you see things like how much time you've spent in Zoom lately. (Note this is only possible for your computer, and iPhone app usage cannot be tracked due to privacy restrictions)

What's your top app?
What's your top app?

The Computer analysis can be easily accessed from a couple spots — the computer time on top of your reports feed, or from the Digital > Analytics section in the main health tab.

Open analytics from Health tab
Open analytics from Health tab
Open analytics from top of reports
Open analytics from top of reports

For people who don't yet have their computer monitoring set up, we've also added more instructions to walk you through that (free) process. It's highly recommended, and one of the most powerful data points to track that can help optimize your productivity while ensuring you're balancing time online with other activities.

📊 Health & Reports

We've continued cleaning up the interface on the main app tabs to be more minimalist and show more insights at a glance. This version should load faster, be more streamlined, and show more details about your latest data when you first open it.

This update also fixes a bug where the recommendation score question would get stuck. Now it shouldn't show that survey more than every few months.

🌙 Sleep Tracking with Apple Watch

Many people ask us what is the best sleep tracker to use with Gyroscope. There are about a hundred different apps or devices that we work with, but our top recommendation is to wear an Apple Watch at night.

There are a few configurations that provide especially good data and are the most convenient in terms of tracking.

  1. Wearing Apple Watch at night with the Sleep++ app saving to Apple Health
  2. Wearing Apple Watch with other sleep apps
  3. Wearing an Oura ring at night

Many other devices and apps are supported, but may have limited data reliability, or may not provide HRV data. If you have no other sleep tracker, then you can still use our built-in Sleep AI calculation to get the basic data for the day.

However, our current top recommendation is to just wear your watch at night and let one of these special-purpose apps automatically save it to Gyroscope. Then, when you wake up in the morning you can just open the app to view your sleep score, review your HRV data from the previous night, and see what your readiness is for the day.

The most common follow up question to that is "but how can I wear my Watch at night? When would I charge it otherwise?"

The answer is you can charge it quickly anytime during the day. It only takes about 30 minutes to recharge (the battery is much smaller than a big phone's), so you could do it while showering, working or any other time of the day. Just make sure you wear it while sleeping and working out, since those are the most important times for using the heart rate monitoring.

Note that all of these apps need their Apple Health export turned on in settings first, before that data can be used by Gyroscope. If your sleep isn't showing up, that is generally the missing piece.

📷 Instagram integration

Unfortunately Instagram has recently shut down their API, so apps like Gyroscope or any others can no longer access that information on your behalf. We've removed the Instagram syncing now, though your old photos synced from there will still continue to work for the time being.

We may add a new way to do this in the future by adding the photos directly in Gyroscope that you want to keep track of.

Let us know if that's something you would want to use!

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