V3.28 Update

New & improved notifications ⚡️

When you tap on a notification, it will open that content directly in the app!

This works for things like the daily/weekly report, a new workout or the reminder to track your mood.

This fully replaces the previous notifications tab. If you ever want to view anything older — two days ago or two years ago — there is always the new "Time Machine" page which will let you go back as far as you'd like and review all your history from one spot. These new changes will take a while to get used to if you've been used to navigating around another way, but will ultimately make managing your health and insights much easier.

Manually navigating around the app or switching tabs or screens to find things should be less necessary. Our goal is to look at everything for you, and bring to your attention to the truly important things when you first open the app.

Improvements to Health Tab

The health tab has been cleaned up to focus on your latest grades and data. If you don't have all the data connected (like from an Apple Watch, our recommendation), it will now show a partial grade instead of a warning of missing data.

Improved Health Score change heading


Often one thing may be good, but something else may be slipping. Balancing everything at the same time is usually the big challenge with health. This analysis will continue to get more sophisticated as you build more history and as we continue learning more about you.

More details show in cards

All of the cards now show detailed information, graphs and links to more analytics. Typically you can just look at the title and status to get an overview for how you're doing in each category, but you can also open each section to see the actual data and go into detailed analytics screens.


Other changes & cleanup

• Moved onboarding details to bottom

• Simplified onboarding instructions

• Show grades & cards, even if lower accuracy without watch

A big missing piece for a lot of people right now is sleep and heart tracking. Sleep AI will work for everyone using just your phone, but our current recommendation for the best experience is to wear an Apple Watch at night and use a simple app like Sleep++ to automatically save it to Apple Health.

This will enable your sleep score in Gyroscope as well as more advanced analysis in your Health Score. If you need help setting all this up or have any questions about how to get the best data, just send us a message!

Performance Improvements

We've been continuing work to make the app faster to load and navigate. We've invested in new infrastructure and bigger servers to speed things up across the board, so navigating in the app should be smoother than ever before!

Algorithmic Feed

We recommend switching to the new algorithmic feed in settings. It is still in beta but at this point should highlight a lot more interesting stats for the day than browsing it all yourself. (You can still always see the entire daily report by tapping on any day)

New computer card for day

Now the computer usage for each day will show as a card so you can get a quick sense of how much you worked. Each Monday you'll also see a new card to set up new goals.


New Health Score trends

You'll see some new cards in the list that highlight some significant changes over the last month which have been affecting your health score — and what your current rating is for that category.


Goals completed card

Once your goals are set up, you'll get a recommended checklist for that day. It could include how much you should meditate, work out, etc. depending on your goals or just a reminder to weigh yourself and check your mood. On days where you do all of them successfully, it will now turn green and show a special achievement!

Leaderboard card for each day

If you've added friends, each day will also show how you're did in the leaderboard for that particular day. For the current day, it will also point out who is living in the future and had a head start.



Most graphs will have some high and low outliers. You may be curious what happened then. Now you can tap each bar in the steps analytics and computer analytics screens to see the entire day. This lets us keep the analytics minimalist and focus on the high level trends, while still having all the details easily accessible.

Tap any of the days to see what happened
Tap any of the days to see what happened

Improved Computer Analytics

The new computer analytics screen can be accessed from the digital card in the Health tab.

What's your top app?
What's your top app?

Gyroscope X


New Coaches

We're introducing a couple fantastic new coaches: Hallie & Chris!

We'll be sending more invites soon to people on the waitlist for X this week.

Coach Chat

New compact option to easily see your conversation without the food, workouts and other activities showing in feed.

Food tracking

• Improved food uploading UI when staying home

• Improved speed & accuracy of analysis

• Fix adding late night food (up to 3-4am) as part of previous dinner