V3.22 Update

Improvements to the feed

The new simplified feed will soon be the default version of the app, so we suggest everyone start switching to it and get accustomed!

V3.25 is now out as well! See what's new

Improved readiness report

For those with enough data (heart rate variability and resting heart rate history), the sleep will be analyzed to show how ready you are for the day and how much rest you still need to get. This is an important indicator to know if you are ready for a workout or if you should avoid pushing yourself too hard.


Improved weekly report

Each Monday, the new Weekly Report is released as well as the opportunity to create new goals for the week.


New Places timeline

Now the places for each day will show in a simple timeline.


Sharing with friends

Sharing cards (like workouts or from your weekly report) has been a core app feature from the beginning. Now the ones your friends and community members share can be easily seen in your feed.


Performance speed ups

Making it much faster, reducing the total requests and speeding up time to start seeing new data sync. Open the app a few times a day for the best results and to make sure your recent data uploads regularly, since that mostly happens when the app is opened and could impact your data otherwise or lead to slow boot up times in the future as it has to sync all that missing data first.

Game of Life discontinued

We had 3 seasons of the Game of Life since its release last year. The third season ended recently, and we've since decided to remove that feature to focus on newer and more important projects.

Keep an eye out for something new in that spot soon...