March 2024

Gyroscope V6.21

Streamlined Navigation

Making the app much faster and smoother to navigate, and giving you constant visibility into your latest data to stay aware of your health and latest data.

The latest tab will also generally default to the “Today” report so you can keep an eye on your progress for the day, switching to coach just when you have an important new lesson or quest in progress.

Now each of the tabs (mind, fitness, food) defaults to “Data” so you always can see your latest info or track your current status. Your coach (if you selected one) will be in the corner and easy to switch to whenever you want to talk to them, review your latest lesson, and more.

Customize or turn off coaching

Most people will benefit tremendously from having a coach constantly guiding them. This is useful both for knowledge, to learn how things work and what to do, but also the accountability and reminders to actually do the things you may already know are important but need a nudge. For example, if it is time for your next workout, or to improve the nutrition in your next meal, etc.

However, some people are not ready for coaching or not interested in it. We’re adding more customization and options now. Or they were excited at first and set up a bunch of coaches and goals and targets, but perhaps overcommitted (See ”all or nothing”) and aren’t ready to do that many things per day.

Some people may have been excited to try out the new AI features but then realize they aren’t actually ready for coaching or being told what to do. That is ok too.

For other people, three coaches at a time may be too much. They may want to just work with one to focus on what needs attention. For example, a food coach while focused on a weight loss goal.

Or maybe you’ve gotten the training and reached your goal in the section, and now want to try doing it more on your own without the teaching. This can be like graduating from school and not needing a teacher anymore, just doing it on your own with the reports and targets.

Whatever the case, now you can fully customize your Gyroscope experience and turn on and off these powerful features as you desire.

New features:

  • Uninstall an AI coach if you don’t want coaching in a certain category. Then you will just see the data without lessons or being told what to do.
  • Customize the exact parameters of your AI coach, especially the strictness, scientific complexity, frequency of messages, and more. Some people may want to keep getting more and more advanced and strict coaching, while others may want to tone it down and just get messages occasionally. Now you can choose what works for you.
  • Hide the entire Food tab if you aren’t ready to track your food in the app. This can be toggled from the “Customize” screen where you can adjust many aspects of the app experience, including difficulty, language, units, hiding, and more.
  • Turn on “Do not Disturb“ mode if you don’t want any messages or reminders temporarily, now available from the “Notifications” screen.
  • Habits can now be easily installed from the Labs, and also uninstalled. Now they are no longer “lifelong” habits, but daily habits that you want to do.
  • Easier starting and reviewing of experiments, to try a habit for a week and add your review

New Homepage

We have updated the Gyroscope website to explain how the latest app works.

Now you can easily share it with others or review it yourself to see the latest benefits.

Custom Workouts

  • Fix for generating new custom workouts
  • Easily tap A B or C if you want to jump to a specific workout
  • Easily start a preset workout for core from + button

Sleep Tracking

  • Fixes for viewing sleep report for today or older days
  • Easily detect in sleep that is missing from your history
  • Bigger prompt to get your sleep score in the morning


  • New tokens screen showing your current tokens and recent history
  • Get bonus tokens every morning when you review yesterday’s report