Introducing V4.0

New features in Gyroscope V4:

  • Streamlined reports with more insights
  • Improved Health Score and grades
  • New Coach tab for guidance in the app
  • New meditations and workouts in app
  • New food tracking and analysis in app

The new navigation



Your latest data and recent history


Your grades and Health Score analysis


Roadmap, Labs & coaching (AI or human)


Community posts and your leaderboard

The 2020 Reports

Your 2020 summary is now available in the app and on the website.


New web navigation

The dashboard on the site has been simplified to make it easy to browse all your data and get the insights you need. The navigation now matches the features in the app, so you can easily browse your health score, trends and other reports.


Your Trends

The app shows most of the data you need to check, but browsing on the website is also powerful. The trends page is where you can see an overview of all your data in one place.


Gyroscope Labs

We have introduced a new feature in Gyroscope X called Gyroscope Labs!


Now you can use the scientific method to run experiments on yourself. If you have a wearable and a lot of data in Gyroscope, this is the best way to take advantage of it.

We have curated some of the most powerful and simple experiments from Gyroscope X to test as one week labs that you can participate in.

All of them have promising studies and have worked for some people in the past, but now you can read the reviews from other Gyroscope members, and most importantly see if it works for you!

Gyroscope AI

One of the things we’ve discovered in Gyroscope X is that everyone needs a coach.

Gyroscope X is our recommended option, but for those who can’t afford the full experience we have released a simplified package called Gyroscope AI that brings many of the benefits of X to everyone on Gyroscope — including food tracking, Labs, meditations and more.


Now you can choose whether you want a human team guiding you and analyzing your data ($5/day) or the fully automated experience ($1/day).

Food analysis in app

Members on Gyroscope X will see their nutrition history automatically analyzed from photos. In the Gyroscope AI you can analyze your own food photos to get the data.


In either case, we suggest logging all your food in the app to maintain an accurate history of what you are eating and drinking.

New Meditation & Breathwork in app

Gyroscope X and AI members also get access to powerful meditations in the app.


These are designed to help you manage stress, eat more healthy, sleep better, and much more. Once you get used to meditating, you can also join the more advanced breathwork classes and continue to push your limits.

New Health Roadmap

With hundreds of different metrics and tools, being healthy can be overwhelming. Where should you start? What does it all mean?

In V4, we have provided a map of your health so you can see where you are and take your journey one step at a time.


You can upgrade to AI on the website or in app to get started on your roadmap!