February 2024

Improvements in the latest version!

  • Fixing bugs with initial setup process
  • Fixing some app crashes for new users syncing
  • Fixes for setting up Apple Health integration
  • Improving contrast and readability of the app
  • Improvements to food tracking accuracy
  • Improvements to processing photos of food label photos
  • Improvements to tokens in the app, now you’ll automatically get tokens each day in your membership, and even more for completing your challenges and quests
  • New options to easily change food analysis and portions
  • New list of all your trackers in + sidebar
  • New weekly goals and habits are listed in + sidebar (moved from the Tasks tab in latest tab to the Tasks box in the list)
  • New workouts tab in daily report
  • Improvements to navigating daily reports
  • Improvements to voice recording in journal, chat, checkins and more
  • Improvements to barcode scanning and other food input sources
  • New daily token bonuses when reviewing yesterday’s report or tracking sleep
  • Improvements to viewing sleep from previous days
  • Improvements to exercises and videos in dumbbell program
  • Improvements to chat with AI coaches
  • AI messages now sent in the background for faster loading and coaching
  • Improvements for layout on smaller phones
  • Fixes for reaching the end of a workout program
  • Fixes for syncing sleep in the morning
  • Now you will get bonus tokens every morning when checking daily report
  • Improvements to unread lessons so they aren’t missed (new ones will come every Monday if you are in a program)
  • Improvements to the times of the workout programs (most are 12 weeks but some beginner ones are 6 now)
  • Lots of other fixes and changes…

Changes in Gyroscope 6.17

Latest Tab


Turning on Pro mode in Settings > Customization will hide all the text labels and make the app more streamlined. However, while you are new or if you are still getting accustomed it may be good to turn helpers on.

Streamlined navigation, with new “Yesterday” report to instantly review everything you did.

Now you’ll also get tokens every morning when you view your report and save your sleep, which can then be used towards chatting with your AI coaches, food analysis and more.


When new data is available, you’ll see the new badge indicating there is a new report to review (and new tokens to claim!)

If you get an insight you aren’t ready to do or want to move on to the next action, now you can skip ahead.

And once you have done it and are also ready to continue to the next step, it will be a “Done” button instead, so you can go through your actions one at a time and keep making progress.


Though you can skip ahead, it is generally recommended to do each action, which was calculated to be the optimal next step for your current status and goals.

It may not always be something you are in the mood to do, and in fact will likely often be difficult or something you were avoiding. However, you can skip it for later if you are just not ready to do it or want to jump ahead.

Easily navigate the daily report and go back in time, with simple buttons at the top.


This will let you quickly paginate within a specific section, whether you want to browse your food, steps, sleep or other data. Once you are in a section, you can easily swipe left or right within that day to view the other information as well.

New and improved target


Now your targets (which can be reviewed and maintained in Settings > Goals) will also show at the top.

If you haven’t set some targets, suggested ones may also be set for you (ie. steps will have the typical 10,000 but you can set your own). Now you can browse through your day and see how well you did on all the categories from sleep to fitness and food.

Not every day needs to be perfect, and it is ultimately the long-term trends and your health that matters. Now the app has new views in the Health, Mind, Fitness and Food tabs to also show your long-term trends and detect significant changes.

Weekly Goals

For many people, these daily targets will be enough to do, or they may want to just check the app more passively.

If you want to use it as more of an active todo list and check more often through the day, you can set custom weekly goals.

These can now be accessed from the + button > “Goal”


… which will pull up the classic weekly goals screen, where you can set incremental goals for the week based on your previous data.


If you do that for the week, then you’ll also have a “Tasks” item for the day.


From there you can see your progress on your custom habits and your tasks for the day.


Health Tab

The health tab has been updated with even more custom and intelligent algorithms to help you make sense of all your data.


The Health Score, first created in 2017, will now tell you in a simple paragraph exactly what is going on.

Instead of just grades, now you will get a more detailed explanation of what is happening.

You’ll also be able to see some specific trends at the top with a quick visual of what has changed the most recently, highlighting a few of the most variable trends.

The health score is based on the last few months of data. So it may be more than just your recent memory in the last few days.

What you do in the past week will have the most impact on it, but just one or two days of positive or negative behavior won’t change it overnight (which is both good and bad news depending on what direction you are going).

The score updates every few days, so if you just started changing something it may take a little time to reflect the new info (for example changes in your protein intake).

What about the grades?

Now in each section, you will see a more detailed grade, also with a more complete explanation of why it is so.


The new grades are managed by your AI coach in that category, so customizing their personality, strictness and other attributes, as well as setting your specific goals with them, will help to inform your grades and personalize them further towards your specific needs.

The difficulty can also be adjusted if you are finding it too easy or simple. In the future, we will be adding ways to move beyond level 1, though for most people this will be an optimal place to start and should cover all the essentials for a typical human being.


Below the grade you’ll also be able to see some of the actual data that was used to inform that grade, generally the last 30-60 days of history.

Note that the information and averages shown is just a simplification and one of thousands of data points informing the actual score, including individual grades for meals, days, etc. It is rare, but sometimes you may have a good looking average yet still a bad grade for a section.

“Averages” are only one simple statistical tool for simplifying data.

For example, if you had 0 steps on most days and then 100,000 steps one day your “average” may still be 10,000 and look high for that week, but it would still have issues and flag low steps.

The same thing could happen for sleep if you sleep 0 hours for a 2 nights and then are unconscious for 24 hours and then seem to have an “average“ of 8 hours of sleep across those 3 days. The Health Score isn’t fooled by these sorts of shenanigans, but only looking at your average number may not be the full story.

That said, in most situations, your average will be a meaningful number to look at and optimize, especially if the underlying data was tracked consistently and small fluctuations between days are to be expected.

Ultimately there is no substitute for scrolling through each data point and each day and reviewing what actually happened, and tools like seeing your latest measurement or the recent average are just simple helpers in a compact space, and assume consistent tracking to be meaningful.

More history in each tab.

Now you can also scroll down to see your recent history in each category.


Here you’ll also see your habits completed (new ones can be installed from the Labs), quests completed from your coaches, and much more — all in one unified timeline.

Tapping it will also take you to that day so you can review what happened.

Improved meals

Now the calories for an item will be highlighted on each meal making it easy to review at a glance on your meals screen as you scroll through.

(And if it has no calories and continues fasting, it will be purple)


From there you can also quickly request a change. For example, if the analysis was wrong or you actually had something different than the assumptions — ie. you only ate part of it, or something wasn’t pictured, or you added extra sugar or dressings that weren’t mentioned previously, etc.


Try to be as specific as possible when requesting a change.

Starting in the next version, each Food XRAY will use tokens, and a certain number of tokens are included each day with each plan.

Quick Quests

Once you start a program, you’ll be able to do quests to start implementing your lessons and build new habits.


From your coach tab, a variety of quests will be prepared for you to choose from each day, ranging from easy things you can do in a few minutes, to more challenging options.