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Welcome to the Gyroscope app!

This is a simple guide about how the app is structured. It will teach you how to make full use of all the features available in your membership, and easily find anything you are looking for.


You can watch this intro video to get a tour of the app, or keep reading below...

How it works

The app is split into 5 simple tabs, across the bottom of the screen.


Each tab has an important purpose. The last 3 can be hidden if you find you do not use them.

For example, some people do not want to have friends and can hide the social features. Others may not be ready to start making improvements to their health, and can hide the Academy until they are ready to start on that journey.


This is the first tab, and the core of your Gyroscope experience. Managing the data here — by living your life and by entering or adjusting data — powers the rest of the app.


We suggest checking your reports daily to fill in any missing data (for example, logging your mood in the app) and to be aware of your metrics.

While many of the Gyroscope trackers will operate passively in the background, you get the most benefit of tracking these things by staying aware of them and incorporating your Gyroscope data in your daily decision making. Seeing Gyroscope’s insights can help you understand how to use these data points and show them in better context — for example that you need to sleep more because you are not well rested, or that your steps are low and you should go out that day.

The latest and most important things will be surfaced at the top of your reports, so you often won’t have to look very far. For example, your latest sleep or the workout you just did will be front and center once it has synced.

Every day, a new daily report is generated. On Mondays, you’ll also see a new weekly report. At the end of each month and year, longer-term reports will be available as well. Checking these just takes a few seconds, but gives you a wealth of information and context on your entire health.

Note that syncing data is not a trivial process and can sometimes take time — from a few seconds (for things tracked in app) to a few minutes or hours (for data that is loaded from external APIs on a timer), depending on the source.

To make sure you are seeing the very latest data, you can do a pull to refresh.

This tab also links to...

Daily Report


It may feel like our health is static, but in reality it is constantly changing every day.

Many people are now generating thousands of data points a day through sensors like the Apple Watch, Oura ring, their iPhone, scale, tracking in Gyroscope, their computer, and more. This is too much for most people to keep track of manually. As data becomes more complex and higher volume, algorithms can help analyze and surface the important changes.

Early warnings can help you turn things around before entering a dangerous feedback loop. For example, with enough data your Health Score can detect a decrease in your immune health and warn you when you have a higher chance of getting sick. This information can then be used to make proactive changes and fixes. Everything related to your current health status can be found in your Health Tab.


This tab also links to...

Your Health Score


As we learn more about the human body, we publish our findings in the Academy to bring good health to the entire world.


This includes important chapters on Mindset that we’ve discovered through our personal coaching platform, tips on how to set up the latest trackers like continuous glucose monitors or ketone trackers, and insights on how the human body works — like why we get hungry or why humans need to sleep.

Health is a large and complex topic that can take a lifetime to learn. This scares most people off from even starting, being a really daunting task to do right.

The Academy simplifies that, by breaking it down into just one simple insight each week that you can practice and master before moving on to the next thing. It may seem too easy or not advanced enough, but within just a few months you will find yourself far beyond where you started and with dozens of new healthy habits.


If you are on the advanced Coach tier, this is where you will interact with your human coach and access all the custom content that is being created for you. You can also access all the content in the app like meditations, breathwork classes, workouts, labs, and more from this tab.

Even without a human coach, you can still use these advanced tools to manage your health on your own. While the human body is quite complex, the guides and content in this section will help to get you caught up on how everything works and give you the tools to manage yourself.



The Friends tab is where you can expand from seeing just your own stats to what your friends and the Gyroscope community is up to. This can provide valuable context into how you compare, as well as extra competition to keep you motivated and accountable.

You can find friends by their Gyroscope username, or send them a link to your profile to invite them. If your company is paying for the Teams Dashboard, you will also be able to access your entire team and the company dashboard from this tab.



You can see cards shared with the community (from the daily/weekly reports or the shareable workout reports) and post your own, too.

If you don’t have many friends in the app, you can also see the leaderboard of public accounts in your region to get a sense of how you compare to others on Gyroscope.


You can add friends in Gyroscope to see each other on the steps leaderboard. This gives a fun and simple way for you to see how active everyone is and easily compete. It is one of the only places where you can compete across platforms, even if one person has a Fitbit and another has a Garmin or Apple Watch, everyone can meet up on a neutral platform and compare data.


For a more balanced and in-depth competition, you can challenge someone to a weeklong health challenge. This expands the tracking from just steps to the full picture, adding points for sleep, workouts and even meditation, for the most realistic measure of your health and how much effort someone is putting in.


We spend a third of our lives asleep (hopefully) and probably another third at work. With Gyroscope, you can get tracking & monitoring to optimize all these large parts of your life.

Get your entire team on Gyroscope with the teams dashboard. This is intended for small startups or teams at a large company, but can even be used by families, sports teams, or any other groups of people who want to track and manage their health as a group.