The Academy

The Health Academy is the backbone of your educational experience with Gyroscope, and we suggest this is one of the first places you visit upon signing up and opening the app. Much of your time will be spent keeping an eye on things like your health score, daily reports and food, but the Health Academy directs the journey.

It’s easily accessible via the Academy tab along the bottom of the app, or you can navigate to it on the web version too.

Covering food, exercise and the mind, you’ll work your way through various chapters, from the basics to more advanced topics, carrying out different tasks as you do so.


When you open a chapter for the first time, you are presented with some background and scientific information on the subject, any relevant guides, and a selection of insights that you can work through. You tackle each insight one at a time, only selecting “done” when you have either successfully implemented the instructions into your life, or you feel you have learnt enough to move on.


However, before you move onto the main subjects, you do need to work through the goals and the baseline chapters. We emphasize the importance of working through these first, as they cover a vital, yet often over looked part of the whole process: mindset.


Our in depth guides will help you understand your why for embarking on this journey, and how to avoid common pitfalls like the all or nothing mentality. Once you have your mindset dialled in, the baseline chapter will help you build habits around Gyroscope’s most fundamental features.

You can only work through one chapter and one insight at time, for good reason. This information has been designed to be acted upon in order to develop new habits and create change. If you are focusing on too many things at once, your attention will be divided, often to the point of overwhelm and procrastination or avoidance.

Once you have completed the more basic chapters, more advanced topics await, and the Academy is growing too, so there will always be new, higher level subjects for you to explore and have fun learning…